The No Skip Album List To Get You Through Quarantine

Ah, quarantine… what can be said that hasn’t already been said a thousand times. “We’re all in this together” “as we navigate through these uncharted waters” “in these unprecedented times”. While those clichés have been run into the ground, they are true.

Something that has been essential to my lockdown is trying to make good use of my time. I’ve made a point to cook new recipes, clean my space, move my body… but somehow a girl always ends up on Twitter. At least once a day I mindlessly scroll through the blue app, and yesterday I encountered this tweet.

That right there is a hot take, and he’s absolutely right!

It really got me thinking about the masterpiece that is Kacey Musgrave’s, Golden Hour. Slow Burn? High Horse? RAINBOW?! How did Miss Musgraves manage to deliver so many classics on one record? A no skip album is something special, and while I have a few that could take the title, it truly belongs to Kacey for me.

Mic Drop prides itself on being genre-fluid, so I asked my staff for their no skip album picks to get you through this time of stillness!

Jessica’s Choice- Kacey Musgraves, Golden Hour

Listen to “Butterflies”

Shane’s Choice– Every Time I Die, The Big Dirty

Listen to “No Son of Mine”

Maria’s Choice- Rüfüs Dü Sol, Solace

Listen to “No Place I’d Rather Be”

Laneisha’s Choice- Travis Scott, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight

Listen to “First Take”

Max’s Choice- Kisamos, Kisamos

Listen to “Looped”

Brendan’s Choice- Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures

Listen to “She’s Lost Control”

Aaron’s Choice- Fleetwood Mac, Rumours

Listen to “You Make Loving Fun”

Olivia’s Choice- Selena, Amor Prohibido

Listen to “Cobarde”

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