The Most Alluring, Soulful Artist: Masego

I’ve always felt like I’ve known my favorite artists on a personal level, and for every genre I listen to. I’d even go as far as to say that I am an expert within my favorite music subcultures. However, my credibility is tested anytime my friends introduce me to a new artist. No one knows every artist and musician within the industry, as it’s grown so much. This is exciting because it opens the door to potentially expanding our tastes in music. When it comes to rising artists, it’s always best to keep an open mind on the first listen. You’ll never know what can come out of trying something new!

Recently, my friend told me about a R&B/soul artist that she had been listening to for a couple of years. As someone who enjoys this genre on many night drives and calm evenings, I was open to learning more. And that’s how I came across the beautiful music of Masego.

The Influences of Masego’s Unique Sound

Masego is an old soul, as most would say. He integrates the amazing sound of R&B with the classic elements of soul flare. He likes to share his search for love through his lyrics and use of instruments, specifically the saxophone. Masego highlights this instrument thanks to his parents’ influence – with both parents as pastors, he had always heard this beautiful music in church. He used the intensity and power of his music influences to change the R&B world.

Masego affiliates his music within the ‘TrapHouseJazz’ genre. Personally speaking, meshing three genres into one makes him stand out immensely in the music industry. It can be a risk for artists to combine genres that others would never imagine together. Masego took a chance on himself in creating a different category in the music industry, and I’d say it paid off immensely.

Calling ALL Drake Fans!

If you’re a fan of Drake, then you might be familiar with Masego without even realizing it. Masego’s track “Navajo” was sampled in Drake’s “Champagne Poetry”. In “Navajo”, Masego pulls in the audience by blending electronic and rhythic music. He created this song in 2017, before he had gained any kind of platform. The individuality of Masego’s music attracted Drake’s attention, which says a lot about his talent as a musician. Drake fans may want to take a closer listen to Masego’s other music, as they’ve masterfully combined their different styles to produce a top rap hit. This feature was a huge milestone in Masego’s early music career.

Despite recognition from Drake, Masego was still preparing to share his music with the entire world. When he released his album Studying Abroad: Extended Stay, it gained a popularity that he never expected. Listeners were instantly attracted to his unique sound that blended qualities of jazz, soul, and electronic rhythms. The wide praise for the album eventually led to a Grammy nomination, which encouraged him to expand his platform worldwide.

Masego is Constantly Growing

Masego directs his creativity to design complex music videos. Fun fact: many people have seen his videos before even listening to his music! Masego’s music videos conveys the messages behind his lyrics into a visual masterpiece. They are more than just music videos – they’re visually pleasing and captivating films. Many of Masego’s works have gone viral, which has drawn more people into his music. Masego’s video for “Tadow” is one of his most famous projects, and it features his mastery of the saxophone. Overall, it’s a well thought out cinematic adventure.

Masego has grown his fanbase tremendously through his music and charm. He has already released multiple albums and EPs in his career. The more he produces music, the more he grows as a musician. In my opinion, his tracks are all completely different from one another. This isn’t something you see a lot in the R&B world, which makes this artist truly special. Masego brings something different to this genre, and I, for one, am grateful I was exposed to his work.

My experience listening to Masego enlightened me to believe that the music world is always changing. Each genre accepts and welcomes new artists almost every day. These musicians all have different takes within their respective categories, and the wide diversity makes it fun to listen to. Do you have any favorite underground artists in R&B? If so, feel free to share in the comments! Remember to always keep an open mind when people share new music and artists with you!

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