The Magic of BUKU

BUKU Music + Arts Project is returning in just a month for another spectacular weekend sure to leave us starry-eyed until the next one. Set in the iconic Mardi Gras World, this incredible event provides loyal fans with the unique New Orleans magic mixed in with a jaw dropping lineup. With extra heightened anticipation this year, thanks to acts ranging from Dog Blood to Lana Del Rey, I wanted the BUKREWE to relive and reflect back on their favorite memories.

Michaela (first attended in 2018):

“Out of all my amazing BUKU memories, my favorite was ending up on someone’s shoulders for my first time seeing SZA! It became even more magical once she started performing my favorite song, “Broken Clocks”. I felt like I was on the top of the world, and looking down and seeing all my friends surrounding me was such a special moment. We were vibing to the music and letting it wash over us, creating an unforgettable moment that I’ll cherish forever.”

Bailey (first attended in 2018):

“The welcoming atmosphere is one of the many things I love about BUKU, since it allowed me to create friendships with complete strangers. I lost my group at one point, and it led me to meet two new friends that I had a great time with. We really clicked and got to know each other, from screaming SZA at the top of our lungs to sprinting to Alison Wonderland’s set, making it all the way to the front. It was an unbelievable birthday for me – spending it in New Orleans with people I love, being spontaneous and taking chances.”

Jeremy (first attended in 2018, currently the 2019 Denver Street Team Ambassador):

“BUKU is the most magical city fest I have ever attended in my life. The vibe perfectly captures the fun and boisterous spirit of the city, and no matter where you’re from, you take some NOLA home with you after the incredible experience.
I remember Droeloe in VIP last year – I nearly cried because I was so happy. Open bar, the girl I love, one of our favorite artists playing an intimate set to us and 20 some other people with the cool breeze from the river – there’s really nothing like it.”

Maggie (has attended 3 times):

“My favorite memory has to be when I saw Mura Masa at the Float Den. My friends and I had been trying to find a good spot when all of a sudden, one of my friends dashed towards us, yelling at us to follow him. I’d never seen such a herd of people snap to attention, and they actually followed him. He’d discovered this staircase that led us towards a mysterious second story. When we walked out, we were transported to this trippy wonderland of giant cushions and psychedelic balls.
We had a perfect bird’s-eye view of Mura Masa, and my attention was completely on him for the next hour. It was the first time I was truly present in the moment and within myself, and it gave me such a moment of self-love that I walked away from that set feeling like a new person. It’s truly incredible what music can do for you.
One word of advice for the BUKU babies this year – you won’t be able to see everyone you want due to the stacked lineup, but follow what you’re feeling and you’ll have fun no matter what!”

Sara (has attended 4 times):

“In 2016, my best friend and I took photos at the wristband scanner. Not only did we get a cute picture, but I ended up winning VIP upgrades for us! (Moral: ALWAYS register that wristband and scan both days!)
VIP was dope – the boat was sick and the sets were like no other. My best friend got interviewed at a Bud Light booth, which was super cool. I even got on some guy’s shoulders in the Float Den VIP pit while GRiZ played his saxophone below me.
A few weeks later, my best friend heard back from that Bud Light booth, inviting us to attend Whatever, USA on Catalina Island! It was another insane memory that BUKU was able to give us, even after the festival had ended.”

Lauren (has attended 4 times, currently the BUKU Marketing Assistant):

“My favorite BUKU memory is from last year. I’d been attending since 2015, but this was my first time working as the Marketing Assistant. My job was to post real-time photos and videos to the social accounts, so I was trying to hit as many acts as possible. It was thrilling to be running around the festival all day and really feel the BUKU energy that completely encompasses Mardi Gras World.
I vividly remember literally sprinting from the Back Alley VIP stage through the Float Den to catch the last few minutes of Jai Wolf’s set, making it just in time. The energy from the crowd was electric, and I was taken aback by the moment.
BUKU is two days of just pure magic. The essence and exuberance of every attendee, performer, all down to the volunteers is enigmatic. Something truly special happens, and knowing that in some small way I’m a part of making that magic happen is so special to me.”

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