The Definitive Top 10 Drake Tracks

Last week Drake blessed fans with his latest installment, Care Package. A nostalgic collection of old singles from over the years, that took listeners back in time, myself included. Only Drake can drop 17 tracks that were basically abandoned singles, and still potentially have a #1 album. It got me thinking, what are the best Drake songs ever?


10- November 18th (2009)

One of the first Drake songs I heard and fell in love with. From the classic screwed production and vocals, and the slow feel of that Houston sound, this was one of those ‘oh shit he might have something here’ moments. The kid ended up going a little further than that, who woulda thunk it?


9- The Motion (2011)

This song to me is the change of Drake, from guy unsure his style and sound, to someone who found his lane. It also has some of his first real scum bag bars “it’s not me and you, it’s not me it’s you. You’re reckless and you know it, they don’t love you like I do”, the beginning of the feelings era for Drake.


8- 30 for 30 Freestyle (2015)

If we all pretend that Drake does write his own raps he really has some of the best rap songs of the decade. This is the last song on What A Time To Be Alive, Aubrey is really in his bag on this one. Going from bar to bar we really forget Drake can rap rap when he wants to.


7- Hold On We’re Going Home (2013)

Drake had always felt a little too pop to be a rapper and this one proves it. His singing on this is some of my personal favorite and the beat still plays so well, if you haven’t seen the video in a few years you should take some time to revisit.


6- Marvin’s Room (2011)

The sad boy magnum opus, the greatest of all ‘I miss you’ texts, the woman’s voicemail. If this song wasn’t emotional enough Drake made sure to record it in Marvin Gaye’s studio to really seal the deal, there isn’t a more emotionally trying song to be released in my life time.


5- Energy (2015)

For me this was Drake’s first real step in moving away from the sound that had made him, he was no longer Captain save a hoe, instead it was ‘ex-girl is the female version of me’, and another classic video to go with the song.


4- Passionfruit (2017)

Three of the top four for me are some of Drake’s most pop records, this one is going to be played at my wedding. From the beat, to the DJ stop, he attacks love woes as per usal, but this one he actually takes some fault and understands that she is passing up on him and he can’t blame her, no, no.


3- Crew Love (2011)

This is prime Drake and we also get a stellar Weeknd assist, this is what Drake’s music is all about. It’s thoughtful yet abrasive, “smoking weed on star projectors, guess we’ll never know what Harvard gets us” an iconic opening line, and a song that still gets play almost a decade later.


2- Feel No Ways (2016)

I love this song more than I love most songs. I felt this was going to go #1 easily. The beat is from Majid Jordan but it sounds like something that would come preloaded on a casio keyboard. This is Drake’s best hook and it contains some of my personal favorite lines from him, a true classic.


1- Sweeterman (2015)

I am not going to argue with you about this, is this a cover of another song? Yes. Is his singing a little subpar at points? Yes. Is this the single greatest song Drake has ever been a part of? YES. List over.

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