The Breakdown: Georgia

The Breakdown is a series where we look at the bands and tracks that have shaped and influenced a current artist. We look at artists they’ve specifically been influenced by, as well as speculate on some other influences.

After starting her career time supporting other artists (she was the drummer for Kate Tempest and Kwes) Georgia Barnes (known as Georgia) has stepped out onto the front of stage, and boy has she made an impression over the past few years.

Her set at Glastonbury was one of the best of the festival, with her energy invigorating the crowd.

One of her first jobs was in a record store, meaning she was exposed to a wide variety of influences during her mid teens, which have clearly made in impact on her music.

Let’s explore some of those influences, and break down the effect they’ve had on the songs she’s released so far.

A 3 track breakdown of Georgia

1. If I Have a Heart by Fever Ray

One of the best aspects of Georgia’s music is the sense of space and depth she commands with her synths and her voice. Fever Ray plays in a similar space, with airy synths and strong electronic beats.

Hear it In: Be Aches, Move Systems, Digits

2. Get Your Freak On by Missy Elliot

The track dubbed by Georgia herself as “The best thing I’ve ever heard” upon her first hearing, this influence is more subtle than the others on this list. Missy Elliot’s aggression and swagger may not have carried over fully, but the combination of solid beats and melodic rhymes has definitely made an impression.

Hear it In: Kombine, Nothing Solutions, Hard Lie This

3. Format and Journey North by Oneohtrix Point Never

I was just about to put the Human League in here, but upon hearing the above track, they were immediately set aside. This one track from Oneohtrix contains synths sounds present in all three of the tracks below. While Georgia’s uses the synths in a far more pop based manner, the sounds she’s getting out of it have definitely come from Oneohtrix. 

Hear it In: Never let You Go, Feel It, Started Out

Listen to all of the tracks in the breakdown here:

With a new album out in the new year, it seems like there’s no where else but up for this young UK starlet. I’ve already put my name down for a pre-order, I hope the breakdown above convinces you to as well.

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