The Best Songs To Start You 2023

There are so many different ways to enter the new year. Some do it while watching the ball drop, others while at a party or club. At Mic Drop Music, we know that the best way to enter the new year is by listening to music.  

On TikTok, you can find countless videos that show what songs to listen to on NYE. So many have lyrics that are a perfect way to end one year and start the next. Plenty of users have taken part in this trend. Some have even dedicated most of their account to it. Users sean_m_k_ and antonyobrister have posted a plethora of videos that follow this trend. If you follow their words you’re sure to start the new year off right.


Taylor Swift performing.

“LAVENDER HAZE”: This is one of the more danceable songs off of the singers recent release Midnights. If you play this song at 11:59:56 on New Year’s Eve, you’ll hear Swift say “Meet me at midnight” just as the clock strikes 12. 

“READY FOR IT”: An absolute BOP of an album from the songwriters iconic Reputation album. This song is the a great way to start off 2023. If you play “…Ready For It?” at 11:48:48 pm on December 31st, you’ll hear “Are you ready for it?” followed by the bass drop at exactly midnight. 

“NEW YEAR’S DAY”: Now come on. What song could be better to play at start of the new year than New Year’s Day? This one is a bit slower and has more of a romantic vibe than the other two. It could be the perfect song to play if you’re having a quieter NYE. If you play this song at 11:59:22 on New Year’s Eve, you’ll hear Taylor Swift say “New Year’s Day” at the very start of the new year. 

*all of this information is provided by sean_m_k on Tik Tok.


Playboi Carti.

Nothing will hype up a party or a club more than a good beat drop. If you play the three songs below at the right time, you’ll enter 2023 just as the beat drops. 

“SHOOTA” BY PLAYBOI CARTI & LIL UZI VERT: Start the song at 11:58:50. 

“LOVE SOSA” BY CHIEF KEEF: Also start this song at 11:58:50. 

“DRIP TOO HARD” BY LIL BABY & GUNNA: Play this song at 11:59:52. 


Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé performing.

“FEELING MYSELF” BY NICKI MINAJ AND BEYONCE: I can’t think of a better way to go into the 2023 then by hearing Beyonce. Start playing “Feeling Myself” at 11:58:49 on NYE, you will hear Beyonce shout “World stop…Carry on!” Can you imagine hearing that right as the clock strikes 12?

“MONEY” BY LISA: If you want a cool way to end the year try listening to “Money”. If you play this song at exactly 11:59:54 you’ll hear “It’s the end of the month and the weekend” at the end of the month AND the end of the year. 

“SKY”BY PLAYBOI CARTI: I can’t imagine the amount of TikTok’s that will be posted to this song on January 1st. If you start the song at 11:59:19 you will hear “Wake up, it’s the first of the month!!!” on the actual first of the month. 

“SECRETS” A Boogie Wit da Hoodie: This is one is sure to get a few laughs at whatever kind of New Year’s celebration you’re at. Starting this song at 11:59:40 will give you the iconic line “Aw man, I don’t want to do this sh*t again” just as the clock strikes 12. 

Starting the New Year off right is so important. Whether you’re spending the night at home, going out to the club, or having a low-key party with friends; these songs are sure begin your New Year with a bang. 

Will be starting your year off with a lyric or a beat drop? 

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