The best breakup playlist, crafted by you!

I have on good authority that I make some pretty great playlists. I’ve got range too- from screaming in your car at 3 am with the windows down, to some good songs to cry to. This being said, there is one playlist every single one of us has shamefully made, and listened to on repeat, and that is THE breakup playlist. There are a few staple artists that no good break up playlist is complete without. Adele, Lizzo for your bad b**** moment, The Weeknd for your moments of weakness, and then THE legend herself: Taylor Swift. Although I shamelessly indulge in these artists well after a breakup (and maybe jam to Taylor all the time…), I made a playlist with some diversity that I feel gets you through all of those brutal stages of a breakup.

I intended for the playlist to be listened to in order, to guide you through all the stages of a tough heartbreak. You can start with songs like ‘Why Won’t You Love Me’, and get all of your crying out. Then move to the resentful stage of the playlist and jam to ‘Brick by Boring Brick’ or ‘Complicated’. Then, honestly, most of the playlist is that angry stage, so you can scream along to ‘Don’t’ or ‘7 Things’ next. Finally, it ends on some classic self positive songs like ‘7 Rings’ and of course ‘Truth Hurts’.

Now with this, I thought it might be cool to make this one interactive and made the Spotify playlist linked above collaborative. Whatever song has gotten you through a breakup, I want you to add it to this playlist! I had some great songs or suggestions sent to me, and figured this would be the best way to get those ideas included!!

So, go jam in your car or room or in the shower, and remember whose summer it is.

THE Best Breakup Playlist, Crafted By You!
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THE Best Breakup Playlist, Crafted By You!

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