What Are The Kiddos Listening To These Days?

We all know the music we like to listen to. Whether it’s rap, pop, ska, or anything in between, each of us have our go-to genres and artists to give us comfort through the hard times and dance parties through the good. 

Some of the songs we listen to are from our teenage years: nothing touches the soul like the pang of nostalgia. Have you ever wondered what the kids are listening to these days? Well lucky for you, I have a thirteen year old brother who gave me access to his top six songs on Spotify. Of course, my brother doesn’t represent all teenage boys that listen to music, but diving into his music taste gave me some insight on what the kiddos are jamming to. Let’s take a look!

#1: “Judas” – Lady Gaga

Anyone who knows my brother knows his obsession with Lady Gaga, which I absolutely adore about him. What better song to obsess over than Judas? This 2011 hit has it all: a cryptic,  halloweeny sound, a great beat to dance to, and memorable lyrics to scream at the school dance.

#2: “Pluto Projector” – Rex Orange County

We immediately slow it down with a Rex Orange County song. I’m somewhat familiar with this band, but not this song in particular. I’m loving this beat that comes in part of the way into the song. If I were to describe how this song makes me feel in one word, I’d say “chilly” but in a comfortable sitting by the fire way. The climax at the end to me is the fire crackling heavier and heavier as my weighted blanket feels heavier on my body. 

#3: “This December” – Ricky Montgomery

This is another song I wasn’t familiar with, but after giving it a listen I added it to my regular playlist. The way I hear it is a feel-good jam about a breakup and how the singer will be “alright if you’re alright.” It makes me feel better about my own breakup – thanks bro!

#4: “Woman” – Doja Cat

We’re going back to songs and artists I’m familiar with. The samba-like beat with Doja’s lyrics are unmatched for a great dance tune. This is the closest I’m going to get to convincing my brother to listen to rap, but I’ll take it. 

#5: “Verbatim” – Mother Mother

Another older song, this 2007 hit was released before my brother was born. Still, it appears here for good reason: it’s a great song! It slows us back down after Doja Cat, once again in a cryptic fashion. This is a song I’d have blasting in my car. 


We’re closing with an artist I’m very familiar with, but this song wasn’t on my radar until now. Lil Nas X has such a soothing voice, but I will say I’m a sucker for lower voices in general. 

What’s funny about this little experiment is how some of these songs gave me nostalgia, but there was also a mix of new music for me to explore. I hope you experienced the same, and I’d encourage you to see what your families are listening to! What you discover may surprise you and improve upon your playlist!

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