Tchami Returns to His Roots On Upcoming ‘Ghosts: Back To The Origins’ Tour

With his continuously striking presence in the electronic music world, future-house legend Tchami has officially reached his five year mark since his musical birth. Over the years, Tchami has been internationally recognized for his uniquely composed future/bass house sounds and for putting on performances mirroring the old-school underground music scene. With fans all over the world, Tchami has demonstrated his exquisite and unparalleled level of talent over time. The tremendous amount of love and passion he has for music truly reflects onto his creative content and consistently striking worldwide performances.

For many producers in the game, the time comes in which experimenting with new and unfamiliar sounds is essential in order to evolve as an artist. The past few years have acted as that experimental time for Tchami, and he’s proven himself a musical genius throughout. I’m all for change being a good thing, as it’s important to step out of one’s comfort zone and dive into the unknown from time to time, especially in music. The French producer’s most recent releases have still struck me and many other worldwide listeners. Though some may disagree. Driving away from whats familiar won’t always gain positive attention, but it sure does demonstrate that talent lies more deeply than just releasing the same content over and over again, like some of his peers.

All of Tchami’s most recent projects and collaborations with artists like his partner in crime MALAA and many others within his own CONFESSION record label have been his prized possessions. Whether these projects have reflected his most original sound or not, every ounce of detail put into it came deeply from within in its most genuine form. And fans can feel it. Now hitting his outstanding five year mark in the producer game, Tchami has decided that the time has come to trace us all back to his original roots once again. Later this month, Tchami’s ‘Ghosts: Back To The Origins’ tour will kick-off in North America and reflect those infectious sounds that stemmed the Parisian producer’s music career to what it has become today.

After touring nonstop over the past couple of years, this tour will surely be unlike the rest. Stopping along some of North America’s most musically-prominent cities, Tchami is set to electrify attendees with his unprecedented mixing talents live in action. This tour will be his first solo-venture of 2019, with its production design strictly equipped towards returning to his roots and bringing out the ghosts of his past to life. All performances along the tour will reflect those gritty underground vibes in which he sharpened his exquisite skills for many years before his Tchami stage persona even took off.

For those of us who have worshiped and valued Tchami from the jump, the time has come in which we get to witness his true and most raw essence. Starting on March 13th, Tchami is going to present himself in some of the most unique and intimate clubs in North America, back to where it all began. Put on exclusively by his own CONFESSION label, its evident that Tchami’s ‘Ghosts: Back To The Origins’ tour will be nothing short of legendary. It’s time for Tchami to keep his ethereal being alive, so make sure you don’t miss out on this striking event!

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