Suwannee Hulaween 2018: Live Performance Spotlight

Suwannee Hulaween’s 2018 line-up is stacked from topped to bottom with a selection of artists that will give our ears access to sounds that can be found all across the genre spectrum. Hulaween is known for its diversity in artist selection which will bring in a very diverse crowd and atmosphere. One thing I can promise is that Hulaween will provide tunes with enough funk, soul and bass to have you dancing like it hurts to stand still.  In recent years, many DJs have realized the artistic potential of their live performances. We have seen quite a few artists including Nero, The Glitch Mob, Bonobo and Pretty Lights transition from the DJ decks to a more steady live band approach to their stage set-up. This has become an electronic movement that can now be seen on most festival line-ups and we’re all for it.

I have hand picked 5 Electronic groups that I believe are MUST SEES at Hulaween 2018 including one of the most famous and original live acts out there. You can grab tickets to the festival and see what it’s all about on their website.  (featured image by Patrick Hughes, IG: @faces_of_festivals)


1. Sound Tribe Sector 9, STS9, has been crushing dance floors since the late 90s and we are extremely lucky to be able to dance uncontrollably in front of them come this October. If I had to describe STS9’s music briefly I would say that it is a clash of intergalactic rock ‘n’ roll combined with break beats, psychedelic jazz and funk. The Atlanta natives have an incredible 11 studio albums under their belt. STS9 has been consistently touring since the early 2000s and have headlined countless festivals across America and Internationally. They are definitely an act that should be on everyone’s list to see as you will surely be blown away by their stage production and funk heavy grooves.

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2. The Australian trio, Crooked Colours, have been on a steady rise as their pristine productions continue to make their way across the globe. Crooked Colours is not your average electronic group as they bring a unique blend of sounds together including steady four-by-four beats loaded with phat bass lines and crispy vocals, comparable to Booka Shade. They also are capable of bringing us wavy beats and funk filled vocals that will have you feeling all tingly inside as you lose yourself to dance. Crooked Colours should not be missed at Hulaween as you will get slapped in the face with the funky goodness that they have to offer.

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3. If I am sure of one thing related to modern music it is that slenderbodies is absolutely going to be crushing the game within the next year or so. A sound so unique your chills will have chills. The California duo, whom only released their debut album back in 2016, have mastered a genuine sound filled with euphoric guitar, soft yet powerful vocals and crispy drums that enhance all aspects of their musical arsenal. I can’t wait to see this duo play live at Hulaween and I highly recommend you join me as they blow us all away. Check out anemone if you want to take a glimpse at what they’re all about.

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4. John “JmaC” McCarten, Manic Focus, is a Chicago based electronic producer who lives to break musical boundaries. Manic Focus has released five full length studio albums between 2011 and 2017. Not one to slow down the hustle as he continues to explore new sounds in the studio while keeping up with a heavy touring schedule. Manic Focus brings just the right amount of soul, rhythm, and heavy bass to his productions with a lovely electronic twist. He has released remixes for Pretty Lights, Minnesota (who will also be at Hulaween), The Floozies and many more. As he continues to tour all over the country, Manic Focus has been adding different musical components to his band and his stage production. Manic Focus & The MF’n Band are surely going to throw down at Hulaween as the atmosphere is going amplify the funk that’ll be present.

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5. Emancipator is the electronic project of Doug Appling who is a producer and DJ based out of Portland, Oregon. Self-releasing his first album back in 2006, Emancipator gained the attention of a Japanese record label, Hydeout Productions, and went on tour in Japan which gained him an international following. Fast forward a decade and he has gone on to release four more studio albums, two remix albums, and a live album. He has also gained himself massive recognition in the States as well as across the globe for his eclectic live shows and the creation of the Emancipator Ensemble. We have the pleasure of being able to experience the Emancipator Ensemble as they will be taking us on an electronic exploration of light and sound.

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