Spotify Releases Never Before Heard Mac Miller Tracks

I’m starting this Monday morning misty eyed after listening to Mac Miller’s newly released Spotify Sessions. Malcom went into the NYC studio and recorded two songs for the popular music streaming app just one month before his untimely death in September.

He recorded a stripped down version of “Dunno”, my personal favorite song off his Swimming album, and a cover of Billy Preston’s “Nothing from Nothing.” A number one hit from the late singer’s 1974 album.

To honor Mac Miller’s legacy Spotify is releasing a limited edition vinyl of the tracks and all proceeds will go to benefit the Mac Miller Circles Fund. The charity made its debut back in October at the memorial concert in LA.

As a huge Mac fan hearing his voice again sent shivers down my spine. His gift is eternal and we can all celebrate his life forever through the appreciation of his art, perhaps in my opinion one of the most special things about music. Now if you don’t mind me, I’ll be crying in a corner and watching this video on repeat for the rest of the day. Maybe the rest of my life, who knows.

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