Songs For Your Valentine

Completing his second studio album just a week before Valentine’s Day, Brent Faiyaz blessed our ears with Fuck The World.

The Maryland R&B vocalist is known for his angelic voice and soft, relaxing melodies. Faiyaz skyrocketed in popularity from his feature on Goldlink’s “Crew”, and has not let us down since. Even earning a Grammy nomination for the song. Despite being fairly knew to the R&B scene, Brent seems to be climbing his way to the top with ease.

His career began like most modern rappers, by posting his songs on SoundCloud back in 2014. Faiyaz made the move to LA shortly after to pursue music more seriously, working tirelessly to accelerate his brand.

Dropping this project before Valentine’s Day was no coincidence. The album is the perfect soundtrack for your cuddle sessions. The top 5 songs for me would have to be “Been Away”, “Let Me Know”, “Rehab (Winter In Paris)”, “Fuck The World (Summer In London)” and “Lost Kids Get Money”. Even if you don’t have a Valentine this year, turn this one on for your long drives home, or a relaxing in a candle-lit bath.

Thank you, Brent Faiyaz, for your mellow and comforting tunes.

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