Six Sets You Can’t Miss at Camp Bisco: Day by Day

July 18th is fast approaching and Camp Bisco 2019 can’t come soon enough. Whether you’re a die-hard Nectar fan, or a part of the Tipper crew, music lovers from all over snapped on tickets as soon as they saw the big guns on this line-up. Aside from the obvious superstars set to perform this year, there are so many hidden gems, so I’ve compiled a list of the smaller sets you can’t miss at Bisco this year. Before we all pile up like sardines for Odesza and Ganja White Night, here’s a few sets where you can really let loose:



Mr. Bill

If you’re big into Tipper, then boy do I have a set for you. Bill James Day is an Australian music producer who started out playing psytrance, house, and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) back in 2006. He prides himself in that deep wonky sound we love so much, having worked with artists like Liquid Stranger and deadmau5. This is someone who has been in the scene for a long time and has mastered Ableton so much that he teaches courses on it online. He’s got an extensive discography under his belt, ranging from psytrance, to glitch-hop, to electronica, but there’s no pinning him down to one genre, so check him out for yourself on Day 1.



This Denver based trio has pioneered a blend of digital and organic rock sounds into a genre they’ve come to define as “Dream Rock”. Consisting of JJ Evanoff on guitar, Jake Hall on drums, and Brennan Forrester on keys, Evanoff is bringing a mix of melodic grooves and heavy rock to Montage Mountain on Thursday. Collect your mind and catch this act as you’re settling in to Bisco. Their latest track, “Golden Hour” is my personal favorite.




If you’re a fan of “Lofi Hip Hop Radio — beats to study/relax to” then we’ll see you at Birocratic. At this point, you’ve survived Liquid Snails (a Liquid Stranger b2b Snails experience) and Space Jesus + Friends. What’s a better way to detox from mind melting bass than chill-hop? Brandon Rowan, under stage name Birocratic, is a New York based producer and instrumentalist with a wide range of lofi-type downtempo tunes. He’s worked on compilations for Chillhop Essentials which you have most likely come across on Youtube, and this is your best chance to catch this vibe live.



Yo! Hit ‘em with the high and the low! Sound familiar? That’s one of Minnesota’s electric deep bass dance hits, “HiLo”, and there’s more where that came from. Christian Bauhofer is an electronic music producer creating a one of a kind upbeat, heavy bass, glitch sound that’s hard not to dance to. Having worked with big names like Big Gigantic, STS9 and Gramatik, his focus on the melodic side of dubstep and glitch-hop music is what makes him stand out on this lineup.  He’s a name not to miss on July 11th. Let this track speak for itself.




This Wakaan gem is another essential set to catch on the last day of Camp Bisco. LSDream began as a side project for DJ Brillz, who has been called the “rookie MVP of the bass music game” by Insomniac. This guy is not far from being a major headliner of his own, but the LSDream project takes audiences through an enigmatic and mesmerizing experience with visuals and deeply experimental sound. As another name that can’t be pigeon-holed into a specific genre, LSDream takes bass music through trap, hip hop, dubstep, and glitch. This one is a no-brainer for a good trip to Bisco.



Plantrae is the perfect artist to hype you up for Odesza’s final closing of the festival on the last day. Originating in Portland, this act is heavily instrumental with an earthy vibe. Come for the  beautiful live viola performance that somehow takes you to the future and back to tribal days all at the same time. We compare him to CloZee, Bonobo, and CharlestheFirst. To conclude your amazing getaway on the mountain, get your zen on with Plantrae.


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