Musicians: they can do it all! They sing, play instruments, perform, and …start a business? Entrepreneurs start businesses because they feel like they can do something different and better than what’s already out there. But celebrities have the potential to dominate the market with their name alone. It’s clear to me that some artists have a passion for their side business, and for others its a pure money-grab.

Harry Styles and Pleasing

Most recently, Styles dropped this bomb out of nowhere. “Pleasing” is his new gender-neutral beauty brand. He has four nail colors, along with facial serum, and a 2-in-1 eye and lip serum. Styles is known for painting his nails, so that’s the perfect thing for him to brand as his own. There have been many mixed reviews on the products, but they seem to be pretty average.

Harry Styles could be launching a beauty brand called Pleasing | Metro News

Travis Barker and Barker Wellness

When I first looked at the name, I assumed it was some sort of fitness brand. By looking at Travis Barker, I assumed this was just a money grab. But after researching the brand, it focuses on essential oils for pain relief and to help manage your sleeping. He has on the go packs as well if you’re traveling or in a rush. Who would’ve thought a rock star even had time to care about their health?

Travis Barker launches THC-free vegan wellness brand | Edmonton Journal

Hayley Williams and GoodDyeYoung

Lead singer of Paramore partnered up with her hairstylist, Brian O’Connor, to release a hair dye line. This seems pretty on-brand as Hayley always has some funky colored hair. Their products are also sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. However, it seems they missed the mark. 3/4 of the reviews on the product are two stars or less, saying the color isn’t vibrant and doesn’t really stick to the hair.

Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Launches Vegan Hair Dye 'Good Dye Young' in  Sephora

Rihanna and Fenty Beauty

Fenty is a beauty brand that we all know and love. Rihanna has taken a different route than most musicians. Instead of her line being a side hustle, it has turned to her main focus. She’s almost completely withdrawn from the music scene, with her last major release being ANTI, way back in 2016. However this seems to have been the right move for her as Fenty has developed into a billion dollar company. Her inclusive yet luxury line of beauty, lingerie, clothing and more has become a respected name in the industry. Not to mention she puts on a yearly fashion show that single-handedly put VS out of business! We’re so proud of you RiRi!

Rihanna Confirms Fenty Beauty Will Feature 40 Foundation Shades | Allure

Lady Gaga and Polaroid 

Perhaps Kanye West said it best…

This seems to be a question we’re dying to know the answer to by now. Unfortunately, she doesn’t even work with them anymore. She helped them out with a specialty line in 2010, but parted ways with them in 2014. Both Polaroid and Lady Gaga avoid commenting on the issue, but it seems there must have been some sort of disagreement that led to her leaving her contract early. Either way we got a really good meme out of it.

When famous singers branch out to other side hustles, is it for the money grab or is it genuine? Should they continue their venture in business or should they stick to music?

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