ROLE MODEL just dropped his single “neverletyougo”, the seventh track on his upcoming album, Rx. ROLE MODEL, aka Tucker Pillsbury, is a very well-rounded artist. He can do it all: sing, rap, has an amazing style. He has also become known for leaving cryptic hints, these most recent hints have sent fans into a frenzy.

Who’s ROLE MODEL’S mystery girl?

His last few singles he’s dropped have been love songs for a “mystery girl”. But it’s not really too mysterious. Rumors of a relationship between Emma and Tucker sparked a couple of years ago, and the rumors still remain to be unconfirmed. But we all know they’re dating. They’re the kind of relationship that is private, but not completely. 

Tucker released a song “forever&more”, which fans speculated was about his relationship with Chamberlain because of the lyrics. It’s an upbeat song with a little bit of a different vibe than his classic sound, like someone who has fallen in love for the first time. It’s basically him confessing his love to her the whole time. “By the end of the summer, she was a lover”, which was around the time that people think they started dating.

Tucker went on tour at the beginning of this year and Emma was spotted at every single show. There were so many videos and pictures of her on the balcony of every venue watching Tucker perform. The singer even serenaded her a few times during the shows. You can really tell that he doesn’t want to hide their relationship.


On Wednesday of last week, Tucker posted a clip from his new music video for his new song “neverletyougo”. The video starts with him walking down the street as a girl walks by, and he starts to follow her. If you’re a true fan, it’s painfully obvious that it’s Emma that walks past him.

The video continues in a one-shot take, with Tucker following the “mystery girl”, walking and singing to her. He finally kisses her and grabs her hand as they walk away at the end of the video. 

This single goes to the tune of his typical songs, hypnotic and detailed about his intimate relationship with his partner. “There’s a lot of storytelling on this album, but this one was just me getting to talk my shit,” Tucker says. It seems like he’s going to keep opening up in the rest of his songs on the album as well.

A lot of the titles for his upcoming album seem to keep up with the same theme that seem to match the rumors between the couple (see tracklist below). I mean if I was dating Emma Chamberlain, I would dedicate a whole album to her too.

Make sure to check out his upcoming album, Rx, coming out on April 8th.

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