Rock’s Not Dead: A PLaylist

At some point or other, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “rock is dead.” But, is it? The Billboard Hot 100 is dominated by rap, pop, reggaeton, and even musicals as of late. For rockstars at heart, like myself, this is more than disheartening. Where’s the guitar? The grit? The noise complaints? Well, if you know where to look, today’s rock music is some of the most inspired, hard-hitting music you can find. Below is a collection of modern rock to headbang, mosh, and jam out to.


Jack White’s latest release, Fear of the Dawn, pretty solidly cements him as the king of modern rock. The project’s fusion of heavy guitar lines with electronic synth elements works perfectly, giving every song on the album a distinct, almost haunted vibe. 


If Jack White is rock’s king, then Michael Kiwanuka has to be its Prince. Kiwanuka’s overdriven guitars mesh perfectly with RnB elements like the vocals, the organs, and the bass lines, giving these songs a groovy spin.


Similarly to Michael Kiwanuka, the Black Pumas take rock, and turn the groove up to 100. Ripping guitar solos mingle with gospel vocals and organ, bringing rock back to its palpably Black roots. 


These songs are a bit of a shameless plug of a local band that I love. The Joeys are a rockabilly group from Tempe Arizona. The energy that these songs carry is something that I think is missing from a lot of modern music. These songs – especially “Planet Z” – go. The speed and bluesyness of these songs are sure to get you tapping your foot and nodding your head (keep an eye out for a longer piece on The Joeys!)

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