Road to Roo; A Playful Road Trip Playlist

Perhaps the most exciting part of any festival, is the ride in. The anticipation is high, the car is packed, and the crew is ready for the best weekend of their lives. Part of what makes Roo so special, is the southern farm setting. Driving up into the beautiful green mountains of Manchester, Tennessee is always a sight that takes my breath away.

However, it may take a few hours, maybe even DAYS to get there. And you can only play “I spy” and “I’m Going on a Camping Trip” so many times. You’ll need some tunes, and that’s where I’m here to help. I’ve come up with the ultimate Road to Roo playlist to serve as the soundtrack to your road trip.

The adventure obviously needs to start with…

“Money” by Cardi B

Because ya’ll better have brought it! There’s going to be amazing food vendors, drink tents galore, and you can’t leave without a little merch.

“This is America” by Childish Gambino

You know what they say… getting there is half the fun. As you drive through the southern states up to Tennessee. Take it all in, and think a little bit about Donald’s powerful piece.

“Golden Hour” by Kacey Musgraves

I can’t think of a better song to pull up to the farm to than this one. Kacey’s sultry voice accompanied by a sunset through the mountains.. sounds just short of heaven.

“WOW” by Post Malone

The only word you’ll be able to utter once you finally walk up on the farm.

Now I know this is not the “ultimate Bonnaroo playlist” you we’re looking for. This was just made in good fun, to highlight two of the best part of the experience, the ride in and the headliners. If you’re looking for the real deal playlist, look no further than Bonnaroo’s own website.

And if the playlist got you hooked, tickets can be purchased here, we can’t wait for another year on the farm!

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