Rapper Lil Pump Goes Heavy Metal and Fans Aren’t Pleased…

It’s safe to say fans are disappointed by the release of Lil Pump’s new song, “Pump Rock x Heavy Metal” as part of his new Lil Pump 2 album. The song was released along with the full album on March 17, 2023. Listeners and avid fans of Lil Pump were ecstatic about the artist’s return after a 2-year hiatus. However, this one song in particular turned out to be the bad apple out of the bunch.

Lil Pump 2 Spotify Album

What Went Wrong?

Despite its extremely offensive nature, this track certainly met its goal by standing out from the rest of the carefully constructed album. The song opens up with drums and guitar, then Lil Pump enters vocally by screaming into the microphone. The lyrics contain several offensive profanities, many of which should not be repeated. Toward the middle of the track, the beat switches to rap while maintaining its offensive and, albeit bad, lyrics. The audio is low quality throughout, as it has no mixing or auto tune. It is unclear as to whether or not “Pump Rock x Heavy Metal” was intentional or merely for shock value. Overall, the track is a poor attempt at merging heavy metal and rap.

The listeners did not hold back with their criticisms. The YouTube comment section under the audio is bombarded with hate comments: “The crowd goes soft.” “YOU GOT HIDDEN TALENT! KEEP IT HIDDEN!” “THIS GOES HARD ON MUTE!” Five days after the initial release, the track has received over 220K views on YouTube and just over 201K listens on Spotify, making it the second least popular track on the album. Nevertheless, it got people’s attention and managed to offend rap and heavy metal fans alike. Listeners are dubbing it the worst “metal” song of the year

“The lil pump heavy metal song sounds like a family guy cutaway clip where Peter talks about that one time lil pump made a heavy metal song about stereotypical metal”

– @L_Coo1er, Twitter

My Thoughts on “Pump Rock x Heavy Metal”

As a heavy metal fan myself, this song was horrible. The low audio quality was not as much of an issue as the lyrics. The song contains lyrics so offensive that I would rather not repeat them. They attempt to make fun of stereotypes within the punk rock/heavy metal and emo communities. It makes light of self-harm, heavily sexualizes emo girls, and even mentions overdosing on drugs. Typical punk rock and heavy metal songs tackle issues like this, but in a light that brings awareness. I am not an avid listener of Lil Pump. His first and only song I have listened to before ‘Lil Pump 2’s” release was his 2017 hit, Gucci Gang. But I and many listeners can agree that this is, thus far, the worst song of the year.

Here at Mic Drop Music, we want your opinion. Is this really the worst song of the year? What do you think of the rest of the album? Let us know your thoughts!

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