Quavo Releases Emotional Tribute to The Late Takeoff

Following the tragic murder of the Migos’ rapper, Takeoff, Quavo has released a new song in his honor. The latest track “Without You” is dedicated to the Atlanta rapper’s late nephew, who was slain in Houston last November.

Takeoff was murdered in front of a secret party that both he and Quavo attended together.

The lyrics speak to Quavo’s grief for his loved one and collaborator. The music video for “Without You” features Quavo smoking while sitting at a desk in what may be a recording studio.

the success of the migos

Before it had only been Takeoff and Quavo, the group had formerly been known as the Migos. Quavo, Offset, and the late rapper formed a legendary hip-hop combo that dominated the industry with their signature trap sound. The three members had a huge effect on the world of popular culture and were well-recognized for their efforts.

The success of their music has led to many platinum certifications for Migos. The release of “Versace,” their first significant success, came in 2013, and their 2017 song “Bad and Boujee” went straight to the top of the Billboard charts. Though they seemed unstoppable, the publication of 2021’s “Culture III” marked the end of the group’s three-piece run.

Offset eventually became a solo artists, leaving Quavo and Takeoff to form their own duo.

quavo and takeoff music DUO “UNC & PHEW”

Prior to Takeoff’s passing, the pair had just established themselves as “Unc & Phew,” and their first album, “Only Built for Infinity Links,” had just been released. It’s been close to two years since the ATL rap artists and family members started working on the project.

quavos’ tribute “Without you”

Now, Quavo has put his grief over the death of his nephew and fellow group member, revealing his deepest thoughts and feelings about the fateful November night that altered his life forever. Quavo seems to listen to his own words of sincere homage in the music video’s single, static moment. Lyrics from a conversation play at the bottom of the screen, expressing his ideas in his voice.

He raps:

“I wish I had a time machine, Just so you can take a ride with me (Skrr-skrrt)/ I miss just how you smile at me, Unc and Phew ’til infinity/ I wish I had a time machine, So you can take a ride with me (Skrrt)/ Wrap my arms around and hold you tight, Phew/ So you can never say goodbye to me.”
“I knew you weren’t my brother cuz you are my sister’s son, so I couldn’t say, brother.” “Now I finally get it. You are OUR angel watching me and watching us this whole time in living form making sure EVERYONE FELT UR LOVE AND HUGS while u here and u made our dreams come true.”

Watch and listen to “Without You” down below.

At the conclusion of the video, the song’s lyrics are seen written on a piece of notebook paper that is then folded into the shape of a rocket ship. I can’t imagine the pain he must be feeling, but I appreciate that he is turning his pain into art. By releasing this song, Quavo gives us the chance to support him and grieve with him. I applaud his vulnerability and strength!

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