Prepare for Teleportation with Psymbionic’s New LP

It’s been two long years since Psymbionic’s last album, but we’re finally less than a month away from his latest and highly anticipated LP. Carbon Based Lifeform, which consists of 10 tracks, is set to release on February 5. Psymbionic has already released two songs, and if they’re indicative of the rest of the album, the lengthy wait will have well been worth it.

Known for his unique ability to bend reality with his genre-fluid music, Psymbionic has shared the stage with legends such as Bassnectar, Excision, STS9, and Tipper. Their influences flow passionately into his music to create his unmistakable groove.

The first song in Carbon Based Lifeform, “Bionic Chronic”, is a playground of intertwining synth and bass as the opening mysticism amps up to a teleportation into outer space. It projects Psymbionic’s recognizable aura while simultaneously gushing a new complexity in his sound. “Dimensions” then takes the mood down a darker and harder path into what he describes as a “deep space jaunt”. This collaboration between Psymbionic and Thelem impeccably blends their sounds and styles into an addictive track. I found myself playing both on repeat and completely losing myself in the music because no matter how many times I listened to it over and over, my mind and soul were fully immersed.

Psymbionic has already teased “Edge of the Earth”, the next song in Carbon Based Lifeform. He envisioned this new album as one continuous mix, so the tracks are meant to be played in order as each song effortlessly glides into the next. You can presave it here, or if you want to experience it live, Psymbionic has returned on the road for his tour.

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