POV: The Crystal Method at Alex’s Bar

Mic Drop was recently invited to Alex’s Bar to see The Crystal Method. Founder, Jessica O’Connor, contacted me and asked if I would be able to go. Within divine timing and being at the right place at the right time, I had nothing planned that night and was now looking forward to having plans to see a show.

I went in with an open mind. I did a little bit of research but I also didn’t want to go in with any expectations. I had an idea of what I thought I’d hear, but I was in for a treat.


The bar was a small dive bar that I have passed countless times in Long Beach — yet this was my first time there. I entered through the back where I was welcomed to a covered patio area with a yummy taco truck and tables to eat at. Walking inside, the bar was located on the right side of the venue. There was a small stage and a roomy dance floor decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments. The OG decorations in the bar were awesome. The walls were lined with funky portraits and signs that made me giggle. In the corner, there was a photo booth and they sold Alex’s Bar merch at the front. I could feel the love and character of this bar with every small detail.


After I arrived, I spent some time wandering and feeling the energy around me. There was space to roam on the dance floor. It wasn’t too busy yet. At this point, my curiosity began to flow. As I scanned the crowd, I noticed it consisted of a mixture of seasoned veteran ravers, probably around 30 years old and above. I noticed I was one of the youngest in the crowd. But I didn’t mind that one bit. As TCM’s set time was approaching, the dance floor began to fill up and I quickly made my way to the front. 


The Crystal Method came out, guns blazing, with very high energy. TCM did not come to mess around. It was time to get busy. Everyone started dancing IMMEDIATELY. The energy in the room was contagious and sure enough, I began to boogie along with everyone besides me.

Playing a balanced blend of uptempo breakbeats and synths, TCM has mastered his unique formula of dance music. Scott Kirkland, now the sole member of TCM, harmoniously matches his energy with his music. Scott can be seen jumping, clapping, passionately singing lyrics, and charismatically pumping his fists to the beats.

How could you not dance with this dude?

Listening to each tune after the next, TCM’s blazing sound was giving drum and bass combined with psytrance for me. I pretty much felt like I was on a high-speed chase in my spaceship, swerving past the planets, stars, and galaxies…

Needless to say, it truly was a magical night. I was pleasantly surprised and felt so energized after a great night of music and dancing. If you’re wanting to expand your electronic music knowledge, definitely take some time to go see The Crystal Method when you can. Bring a friend (I wish I did) — you will not regret it. If you’re already a member of the end community, or are looking to discover what it’s all about, check out this OG. The Crystal Method is a performance you must make an opportunity to see.

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