Omar Apollo Knows His Worth

Within the past couple of years, there has been a huge trend towards self-love and self-acceptance in the media. This has trickled down to music with so many of today’s tunes surrounding breakups and focusing on self-worth. Modern fans are searching for music they feel genuinely connected to and find relatable. Omar Apollo is clearly very in tune with his fans and this current message, as it shines through so clearly on his newest album, Ivory.

Apollo has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Indiana. His life was instantly transformed due to his indie EP Identity, quickly becoming one of the newest rising stars of his generation. It all started back in 2017, when his first single, “You got me,” blew up on Spotify. Apollo established his place as a true talent in the industry. His influences include David Bowie, D’Angelo, Prince, and many others and that comes through in his own unique sound. Ivory has sent Apollo to greater heights by hitting his first solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with his budding hit “Evergreen.” The surge also contributed to TikTok, where a portion of the song bridge was used nearly 300,000 times.

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With the success of his second work, Ivory, there is much more to love about this album and giving it a listen. The album is best described as a set of gorgeous sultry songs that has you feeling good about your self-worth, but to remind you that men are not worth it!  

The features on the album are legendary! SO many stars grace this body of work, including Kali Uchis, falsetto running with R&B Star Daniel Caesar, or even Pharrell’s epic production on “Tamagotchi.” The entire album is an easy transition from one song to the next, which can range from corrido to R&B. Something I find beautiful about this album is the evolution of his English to Spanish, whatever style that is served well on the track. Apollo mentioned on NPR that he wanted to sing more than ever. He was very inspired to sing Spanish on the record.


His transparency and openness on his records is what really made fans fall in love with Apollo. Throughout the record, there are themes of shaking off labels about his sexuality and identity. He allows his fans to understand what is happening in his life through his lyrics. This bridge specifically has gone super viral on TikTok so it has obviously resonated with hearts of many:

You know you made me hate myself, had to stop before I break myself, should’ve broke it off to date myself, you didn’t deserve me at all,”

This track defines the overall theme of the record. He helps define his sound as a Mexican American, making music that surrounds queer identity and love, and all doing so within his terms!

Ivory is now available on all streaming platforms. Omar Apollo is an artist you do not want to be sleeping on since he is also going on tour with Ravyn Leane this October until November. This a tour you do not want to miss!

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