Off to See The WIZRD; Future Album Review

This week we’re discussing an artist who goes by; Future, Pluto, Future Hendrix, Future Pendergrass, Super Future, and now The WIZRD. A man known by many names, Nayvadius Wilburn has been in our lives for decades, blessing us with countless trap classics. Timeless tunes with names and sounds that changed right along with the man making them. He’s back with THE WIZRD, and it is another chapter of the Future legacy that is starting off beautifully. He opens the album with his best intro since DS2’s ‘Thought it was a Drought’, as he comes in with lines like “love is just a word it don’t matter” and he’s back, toxic masculinity and all. This follows into the best single he dropped for the album ‘Jumpin off the Jet’ which gives off Monster vibes as he flexes on the Southside beat. He continues the run with ‘Rocket Ship’ where he brings us back and lets us know he’s been popping since his demo and he deserves to be as arrogant as he is, and he’s right.

Future isn’t for everyone, the music he makes resonates for those with self-created demons and problem solving habits turned to drug habits. Even though he’s spoken on slowing down his drug use, he’s influenced an entire generation with his music. Recently he sat down with Rolling Stone and he addressed the fact that he never realized how powerful his influence was and how many kids he might have effected to get into lean. Future has always been one to self-reflect, but rarely is concerned about the rest of the world. He starts the song ‘Call the Coroner’ with a sample speaking on king pins and how many affected by their grasp, and almost in the same moment the beat drops and the beast is out again. Future goes on to say “withdrawals pass my cup I think I’m dying” He’s always spoken with a pain and persistence that Andre 3000 calls ‘the most negative inspirational music ever’.

When you have the ability to live however you want you get songs like ‘Servin Killa Kam’, ‘Stick to the Models’, it’s classic Future. Then we get tracks like ‘Temptation’ and ‘Promise you that’, reminiscent of the HNDRX era. We get features from Young Thug and Gunna on ‘Unicorn Purp’ which is a standout, Thug and Futures chemistry shows as Future raps with Thugger doing adlibs in the back, it’s beautiful. Future has all of his classic production backing him and with new faces like Wheezy and Tay Keith getting beat placements the sounds are still fresh. ‘Tricks On Me’ closes out the album perfectly. The WIZRD opens a new chapter in the book of future but this section feels like all of his styles have come together to give out his best effort in years. The music hasn’t felt this real and you can feel the difference. Long live The WIZRD.


Favorite Tracks: Call the Coroner, Rocket Ship, Tricks on Me

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