Dive Into ODESZA’s ‘A Moment Apart’ Tour at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Seattle born electronic duo ODESZA have been touring across the country since September, and haven’t failed to  deliver astonishing back to back sets throughout their A Moment Apart tour shows.  As one of the most talked about music artists this past year, GRAMMY nominees ODESZA have recently had the privilege to play not one, but two consecutive sold out live shows at the prestigious Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on the 15th and 16th of June. Performing at Red Rocks is every musician’s dream. With its breathtaking views of Colorado’s pristine nature and indulgent atmosphere, it is one of the most fascinating open-air live venues across the country. If you’ve ever experienced an ODESZA live set, you know that its something straight out of a dream. Although their entire tour has been absolutely soul-stirring, their latest performances at Red Rocks were completely extraordinary.

The first night’s show kicked off with performances from Foreign Family Collective artists Chet Porter and Pluko. Plus, surprise guest Jai Wolf,  who all stirred the crowd immensely before ODESZA came on stage. The second night’s opening acts included Kasbo and Yahtzel, with another surprise act from FFC all-star Big Wild. Once again awakened the energy in the crowd right from the show’s commencement. Because the Foreign Family Collective is an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike, curated by the duo behind ODESZA,  all of its artists share similarities in sound and in style. Each with their own unique characteristics, of course. ODESZA and the rest of the FFC artists’ music shares one thing in common. Their music effortlessly flows with the rhythm of life and contains what pure bliss and serenity should sound and feel like. Choosing these like-minded artists to set the ground for the rest of both shows was definitely the right decision.

Following all incredible opening performances, ODESZA finally took the stage and left the crowd completely in awe. Throughout the entirety of their A Moment Apart tour, their live performances have consisted of a harmonious mix of old ODESZA classics from their ‘Summer’s Gone’ and ‘In Return’ albums and fresh mixes from their most recent project, ‘A Moment Apart’.  Although all albums vary in content and in style, that soul moving and inspiring ODESZA sound lingers through every song. The electronic duo are masters in transitioning from song to song during their live sets. Somehow always seem to make each performance flow like a well conspired story line.  Throughout both nights at Red Rocks, you better believe that these electronic music geniuses did just that.

Not to mention the new and exclusive track that they presented live for the first time. Plus, what sounded like a blissful new take on their popular track “IplayYouListen”. The crowd went completely wild with the transition from an old ID to a completely new and unexplored one. That’s simply just ODESZA for you, always going out of their way to show us more each and every time. Additionally, a performance from ‘Higher Ground’ featured star Naomi Wild  ignited the stage with a change in tune from her charming  live vocals alongside ODESZA’s impressive musical routine.

ODESZA’s Red Rocks performances were not only awakening to the attendees that had the privilege to witness such beautiful moments, but to the artists themselves. They were able to put on life-changing productions that filled their souls with so much energy and accomplishment.  For months now, ODESZA’s excitement for Red Rocks was oblivious. The duo constantly shared on their social media platforms how much they were looking forward to this moment. Following both shows, they immediately posted how incredible the energy and the vibes intertwined at this majestic place.

As of something out of a fantasy, ODESZA completely left their mark on Red Rock’s monumental ambiance. Throughout both shows’ entirety, both artists and attendees alike never spent a moment apart in spirit or in energy. From the uplifting sounds of their inspirational lyrics to the harmonic symphony coming from multiple live instruments, including the extravagant ODESZA drum line, the overall performances were one of a kind. Thank you ODESZA, for imprinting beautiful music into our lives. You allow us to experience such life changing moments during your performances at unparalleled locations like Red Rocks Amphitheater.

ODESZA's  'A Moment Apart' Tour at Red Rocks Amphitheater
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ODESZA's 'A Moment Apart' Tour at Red Rocks Amphitheater
ODESZA left their mark on Red Rocks Amphitheater.
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