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So I listen to a lot of music, some may even say too much, but most of it is too good not to share. Five works in particular have caught my eye in the past few weeks, so I’m hitting you with five new things to check out.


Gus Dapperton- Give it to me Straight (single)

This shit right here, is phenomenal. With a pulsating bassline and those synthesizer keys, Gus lets this monster of a beat really build before he comes in with the simple vocals. As far as songs to play in sex dungeons and house parties- this one takes the cake.



Snoh Aalegra- Ugh, those feels again (album)

Her second full length album is a huge step in the right direction. A very cohesive, well put together R&B project, executively produced by NO ID, and it shows. The album hits its highest point early with a four song stretch of I Want You Around, Situationship, Whoa, and Find Someone like You. If you are one missing those genuine 90’s vibes, give this a try.


Magic City Hippies- Modern Animal (album)

From the jump you’ll understand what you’re in for. The band of three continues to make some of the most progressive music, they blend so many sounds and styles with their own fresh feel on it. It’s great drink in hand, toes in the sand music.



BROCKHAMPTON- Boy Bye (music video)

Per usual the group continues to make the best videos of the year.  They shoot so creatively and as they’ve gotten bigger budgets its only made better videos, with Matt Champion hanging in a glass box Windexing you’ll see what I mean.



Dominic Fike- Phone Numbers (single)

I don’t know much about Dominic Fike, but I do know he’s been running with Kevin Abstract and the best boy band in the world. He’s got a new single produced by Kenny Beats- but not the typical Kenny beat. The stripped down guitar that really lets Dominic shine, I feel we can expect a lot more from him.

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