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Nick Nittoli is a man of many hats, but an artist above all. He independently produces, writes his own songs, and even directs/edits his music videos. He’s coming in hot this year with new song releases, music videos, and unlimited creative passion. He has built a strong fanbase within the YouTube community, 33.5k subscribers to be exact. Nittoli has been feeding those fans by consistently releasing content through the pandemic.

He was cast on the Bravo reality TV show called “Platinum Hit”, which helped him gain exposure in Hollywood. Building his brand allowed Nick to take songwriting lessons, which took his skills to the next level. Nick then began to produce for artists like Snoop Dogg, French Montana, YG, Neon Hitch, Sam Bruno, Bianca Ryan, and many others. Dipping his toes into all genres, Nick Nittoli has hit the iTunes Top 40 Charts in Metal, R&B Pop, and Hip-Hop.

We got to speak with Nick to learn more about his musical upbringing, his experience during the pandemic, and the future of his career.

MIC DROP: What were you doing before you were cast on “Platinum Hit”?

NICK NITTOLI: Before I was cast on Platinum Hit, I was actually working at Dish Network selling TV programs. I was on the phone every day making cold calls to try to sell people our services. When I got the news that I was going to be on Bravo, I walked into my boss’s office at the time and told him I was quitting. When he asked why I looked at him and said, “You know that TV station Bravo that we sell in our packages?” he said, “Yeah”. Then I said, “Well I’m going to be on it now”. It was one of the best days of my life. 

MIC DROP: Top artists on your list that you’d like to collaborate with?

NICK NITTOLI: I would have loved to collaborate with Michael Jackson, 2pac.. Eminem, Blink 182, Tom Delonge, or Travis Barker/Mark Hoppus, etc. I also wish I could have worked with Amy Winehouse.

MIC DROP: If you had to classify your sound as a genre, what would you call it and why?

NICK NITTOLI: Well, my project is dedicated to switching genres and never being put in a box. That’s why so far, I have done a Country album, an R&B album, and a Hip-Hop album. I am continuing to switch up the genres as I go. I love all styles of music and want to be the first artist to perform in every genre. I also want to win multiple awards in every genre as well. I think there is something special in doing something unique and being remembered for breaking the mold and doing something that has never been done before. That’s one of my biggest goals right now.

MIC DROP: How was 2021 for you? Was it difficult continuing your projects and working them around quarantine and the lockdowns?

NICK NITTOLI: 2021 was a very difficult year for me, personally. I had a hard time with the lockdowns and it really began to weigh on my soul not being able to leave the house or visit my family and friends. However, it was kind of bittersweet because professionally, it was the best year in my career. So while I was stuck in the house and not able to do the normal things I loved, my music was skyrocketing and I found a lot of success in the pandemic.

I really love the outdoors and I thrive off sunlight and need to be in the sun, so for me, it is imperative that the world is functioning normally. At the same time, the entire world being [stuck] in their houses and on their laptops did wonders for my social media and social platforms, so I am not too mad about it! Lol! 

MIC DROP: Tell us about your process when it comes to your YouTube music videos and projects.

NICK NITTOLI: I decided to take my music videos into my own hands. In 2019, I purchased a camera, got Final Cut Pro, and began directing and editing my own music videos. Many people were negative about this decision as they did not have the faith in me that I had in me. I began shooting my own music videos and learning the craft, the same way I did with music production or songwriting. I knew that if I put my all into that eventually I would be able to direct professional music videos. I knew that my first couple of videos in 2019 would not be as good as my current videos now and that if I just stuck it out through that awkward period that I would be ultimately happy with my end results, and I was right.

I also knew that by taking it into my own hands and doing it myself that I would be able to shoot a lot more music videos and make a lot more content and that’s exactly what happened. I am now a full-blown professional music video director and editor and have really gone crazy with the visual effects. I could not be prouder of myself. I strongly urge people to learn the craft and to begin doing it themselves and believing in themselves because the payoff has truly been something special.

I like to have fun with the video concepts and so far have done everything from Avatar to BeetleJuice and Peter Pan/Hook remakes with my music videos and I believe that they are all highly entertaining music videos. 

MIC DROP: How did your environment or where you grew up inspire the music you make now?

NICK NITTOLI: I mean, I grew up in LA in the ’90s and music was very prominent then. I remember watching the world premiere of “To Live & Die In LA ” on MTV, and knowing that that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be 2pac, Mase, and Puffy, etc. I was obsessed with the music and the culture. I knew from a very early age that I wanted to rap and do hip-hop music.

I also come from a very musical family. My grandparents are songwriters for Frank Sinatra, My mother was a singer, and my uncle was a drummer. So I have the musical genes in my blood. Also, my grandparents’ house was like one big music studio. I would wake up and they would be playing the grand piano in the living room and my grandfather would be wailing on the sax. That’s literally how I would wake up in the morning! 

MIC DROP: For those of our readers that are new to your music, what song of yours would you recommend them to listen to? What’s your personal favorite?

NICK NITTOLI: I love all of my music. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t make it, to begin with. However, there are personal favorites and for me personally, I would have to say that my latest single, “Place For Us”. [This song] is one that is near and dear to my heart. It’s a song about asking the questions that most people ask, which are, “Where do we go after death? Where do we go after life?” It’s such an important concept, that I think it’s very powerful and the lyrics are some of my favorite lyrics that I have ever written. It’s raw and it’s very honest. I like that I touched on such a universal concept and maybe answered some questions for some people while inspiring others to ask some of these same questions.

MIC DROP: What projects can we look forward to from you within the next year?

NICK NITTOLI: I have an album drop coming soon! It’s called “Self Untitled” and there are around 20 songs that I am very passionate about. It will range from pop to EDM to trap, etc. I think this is going to be my best album so far. A lot of these songs on this album are just really hard-hitting hip-hop songs with some great lyrics. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

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