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Co-Creators of popular music festivals Bonnaroo and Outside Lands bring the first annual “Grandoozy,” to Denver, Colorado this weekend.

The three day festival takes places at Denver’s Overland Park this Friday September 14 through Sunday September 16.

Unlike its festival siblings, Grandoozy has single day tickets available, a perk most big festivals don’t offer anymore. Tickets start at $129.50 for single-day, while a three-day pass will run you 312.50, available here on Grandoozy’s site. However, while I simply can’t say I’m interested in joining you, for those whose attention I’ve captured, I’ll let you in on a little secret: STUB HUB TICKETS ARE CHEAPER THAN FACE VALUE! Check it out here for 3-day passes under $150.

While the availability of tickets under face value days before the fest is set to start stirs up a sort of excitement for many, it also leaves room for wonder; why…how?

Headliners for the festival include Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, and Florence and the Machine, with supporting performances from big names like rapper Logic, R&B artist Miguel, and blues-country band Sturgil Simpson.

As much as I said I wouldn’t trash the new festival coming to my city, it’s hard to write a piece sans a slight negativity when you’re asked to pay the same price you would for Bonnaroo for a first year festival. With a lineup that pales in comparison.

Music is unique to everybody. We might not all have the same taste and style of music that we vibe to, and that’s perfectly okay. BUT, when you want to bring a new festival to a music-savvy city such as Denver, you BEST roll out a LONG list of artists, not just the “big name” sellouts (sorry not sorry @TheChainsmokers) and small names making up more than half of a lackluster lineup.

Bringing big names like Stevie effing Wonder doesn’t give you permission to forget the rest of the festival and leave us with a scrapped together lineup that just doesn’t flow. All the while still asking me to drain my bank account. It’s the multifaceted, multi-genre collections of artists that create the magic mixed-bag festival experience. Not only does it provide a more expansive experience for festival goers, but ticket sales thrive as well.

Do not mistake the preceding text as my trashing the supporting artists on the Grandoozy lineup. Jade Bird, Tennis, Sunsquabi and the like are all artists I fully support. My issue lies not with the artists; y’all keep doing you.

Rather, my issue is a festival trying to charge absurd amounts of money for a FIRST YEAR FESTIVAL, with a small lineup, a half-decent venue (sans a single parking spot for the event?!) and a wide opposition from a majority of the community.

Additionally, after time and time again spent reaching out to Grandoozy in an effort to cover their event and create quite the opposite of this piece in support of their festival, I didn’t hear back for months. Finally, 13 WEEKS LATER, I got a response asking me to submit a lengthy press application complete with pre-articles, references, and editors letters in the next 6 hours before the deadline expired.

In summation, I find Grandoozy to have bitten off way more than they could chew; with regards to lineup, support within the community, ticket sales, and lastly, with me. Maybe year two, if it ensues, will be their year.

I have high hopes that the musical aspect of this festival will be nothing short of magical. And maybe, just maybe, even the rest of it too. For those of you who are attending, I wish you good luck, you might need it.

Prove me wrong, Grandoozy; I’d love to eat my words.

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