New Release Radar: Flume, Westside Gunn and More

This past New Music Friday brought a lot of gems! So many that I figured I’d introduce a segment, covering my favorite tracks that debuted this particular week. Now that I’ve had time to digest the most recent releases, I’ve chosen five tracks to share down below–all unique and selected with summer in mind. Let’s get into it. 

“Nothing” – Ojerime

Best known for her hazy, jazz-inspired bop “Give It Up 2 Me,” Ojerime wows again with her latest single, “Nothing,” still dripping in 90s nostalgia. This time, led by groovy guitar patterns and soft 808 thumps that invoke a bittersweet summer sunset. This is just the latest instance of the distinctive, powerful takes on R&B we’ve come to expect from the South London producer; though in the game for a while, Ojerime remains one of the most underrated acts in my library. Her hypnotic vocals really shine in this track, packaged in a mind-melting refrain sure to make your summer playlist.

“PRADA” – Marigold, Overpade

An underground favorite of mine, Atlanta-native Overpade hones his multi-genre prowess yet again, bringing us a gorgeous jungle collab with Detroit rapper Marigold. Ear-candy string sections over muddled lo-fi breaks render the beat familiar, yet full of flair. Overpade’s non-traditional vocal mixing style creates the coolest stutter effects through intermittent chops in Marigold’s flows. Again, great song for a sunset–just with an upbeat feel better suited for a highway drive.

“(Remember Me) I’m the One Who Loves You” – Watkins Family Hour, Fiona Apple

This folk track strikes a completely different note. Watkins Family Hour, composed of siblings Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek fame, drops a velvety rendition of the famous track of the same name–made most famous by Johnny Cash. Not only that, but Fiona Apple herself gives us a rare feature, popping in on background vocals. The violin and slide guitar form a perfect pair during the instrumental breaks. Sweet vocal harmonies in the chorus. Prime beach-day playlist add. Be on the lookout for the forthcoming Vol. II album coming August 19th. 

“Big Ass Bracelet” – Westside Gunn, Stove God Cooks

To me, Westside Gunn is by far the most interesting figure in rap at present. His extravagant and often-hilarious boasts wouldn’t work as well as they do if the production wasn’t equally as fashionable. Impeccable beat selection. “Big Ass Bracelet” rocks a nostalgic, sample-led beat courtesy of Don Carrera. Interpolating “I Don’t Wanna Cry” by The After Hours, the downtempo production allows plenty of room for Gunn and Stove God Cooks to meditate on their pasts and presents without getting too bogged down. It’s one of ten tracks on the Peace “Fly” God mixtape, intended as a precursor to his Michelle Records album debut later this year. Though the tape is unmixed and unmastered, it’s some of my favorite Westside Gunn to date. 

“Palaces (Mount Kimbie Die Cuts Remix)” – Flume, Damon Albarn, Mount Kimbie, Zelooperz

Among the first tracks of Flume’s upcoming Palaces remix album, the Mount Kimbie Die Cuts mix is the first we’ve heard from the London producer duo in a while, and they certainly came with the heat. Zelooperz, another of my favorite growing hip-hop acts, gives an incredible feature that perfectly complements the chaotic, warped instrumentation. The visualizer gets even more psychedelic, giving us a dynamic view of Jonathan Zawada’s vivid art style. Check it out here.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you thought of these in the comments below.

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