Nat & Alex Wolff Return With Emotional Ballad 

Nat & Alex Wolff are starting the new year off right! The duo, known for their time on the Nickelodeon show The Naked Brothers Band, have been releasing their own music since 2011. Now they’re back with their first single of 2023 and are really setting the bar high for music this year. 

The newest single “Head’s On Loose” was released by the brothers on January 20th. The song has an isolated, almost echo-y sound to it. Nat & Alex shared that this song is about mental health and the struggles they have gone through. It also reflects the struggles they have seen their loved ones face. The chorus asks the question “Will you make it through/If your head’s on loose/Will you make it through?/If your head’s on loose”

“This is a song that I wrote about different mental health issues and struggles that I’ve had. And the struggles that I know Alex has had” -Nat Wolff 

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Nat & alex history

This is their first single since the release of “All Over You” in August 2022. The pair have been teasing an album for a couple of years and continue to keep their fans on the edge of their seats with anticipation. The last album they put out was Public Places in 2016. This included popular songs like “Rollin’ Around” and “Tenderly”. 

You might be wondering how Nat & Alex haven’t released an album in almost 7 years but both brothers have been extremely busy with their acting careers. In 2020, Nat had the release of the TV Show The Stand which also starred Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden. That same year he was featured in the movie Mainstream directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Andrew Garfield and Maya Hawke. 

Alex has kept just as busy starring in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in 2017 and the sequel in 2019. He also starred in Hereditary in 2018, and Old in 2021, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. 

The brothers have continued to tease that 2023 will be the year of new music. I know I’ll be listening to their next release (and every release after that if I’m being honest). Will you be listening?

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