As we grow older, we notice that our music taste plays a significant role in the development of our unique personalities. It is now simpler than ever before to listen to music by a wide variety of artists because of the development of music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Whether you agree or disagree, only listening to one genre of music will affect how you view life. Your everyday mood is affected by having a wide variety of music since it enables you to be more open and listen to songs that are a good fit for how you are feeling at any one time. Exploring a wide variety of musical tastes is one of the best ways for casual listeners to ‘enlighten’ themselves on different perspectives of life.

The music you’ll find on my Apple Music Playlist consists of a wide range of different genres. When I say I listen to everything, I truly mean I listen to everything. I’m known to jump from hip-hop to Indie to Pop without batting an eye. This week, I’ll give you a peek into my wide-ranging discography and a selection of songs that really hype me up.


1. NLE Choppa – “Do It Again” (feat. 2Rare)

One of my favorite songs right now has to be “Do It Again” by rapper NLE Choppa featuring 2Rare. This song features a sample from Rose Royce’s 1978 hit, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.” Though this song has some boastful lyrics tied to it, the explosive beat, catchy hook, and rap deliveries completely take over the song. NLE delivers a very upbeat tempo that resembles a house beat type of vibe, which is making its return to the music industry. What’s so catchy about NLE is the fact that he doesn’t stick to one sound. I often catch him experimenting with different sounds, “Do It Again” is a prime example.

This song’s popularity is beginning to rise on the popular app TikTok. In fact, most of the dances seen in the music video below were inspired by popular TikTok dances. This track will definitely give you AT LEAST a head bop.

2. Samaria – “Still Got 4ever”

If you’re currently going through relationship problems, this song is definitely the one for you! “Still Got 4ever” is high on my list of favorites due to the lyrics, vocals, and calm yet upbeat tempo. Up-and-coming singer Samaria has to be one of the best recent artists to use captivating storytelling in her songs. She uses romance and vulnerability to get her feelings across in each and every one of her songs. In “Still Got 4ever,” Samaria takes us through her emotions of a dying relationship with the use of her rich vocals and lyrics.

Samaria had spoken about the release of “Still Got 4ever,” saying, “When I wrote “Still got 4ever,” I was in a confusing place in my relationship. This was the person I had the deepest feelings for, and I wrote this as a way to let them know that we still got forever to figure things out. Being in that relationship taught me that if I loved someone, I should be able to set my pride and ego aside to make things work.”

Samaria provides visuals to this part of a past relationship by releasing a music video shortly after the song’s release.

3. Lana Del Rey – “Wildflower Wildfire”

Considering Lana Del Rey is one of my all-time favorite artists, “Wildflower Wildfire” is a song that I can listen to for hours. Last year, 2021, Lana released her album Blue Banisters, which included fifteen songs, including “Wildflower Wildfire.” This song exudes a hazy and stripped-down tone, with only a hint of orchestral swirling throughout. In the song “Wildflower Wildfire,” all you hear is Lana Del Rey’s singing and a piano until the very end when electronic drums begin to play. Lana Del Rey sings in a lower register than she typically does, and her performance is wordier than usual. It feels as if someone is speaking to you, telling you a deep story. However, although these songs are unmistakably Lana Del Rey’s work, one could still say that they constitute somewhat of a departure from her previous material.

“Wildflower Wildfire” is truly a beautiful song to listen to.

4. Kiana Ledé – “Irresponsible”

In an Instagram post posted on September 12th, Kiana Ledé teases a song talking on her exes. This song is “Irresponsible.” Kiana Ledé another up-and-coming R&B singer noted for her songs surrounding romance, relationship, and love.

“Irresponsible” describes a partner who is unable to love and care for Ledé to the same extent as she does for others because they are unserious and lack the necessary resources. Throughout the entirety of their relationship, she gives the impression that she thinks this dishonest man is a great pretender. In the opening of “Irresponsible,” Ledé details her stance on the relationship.

“I dove in blind, took a chance on us / Gave my trust, so in love (Love) / And it’s difficult for me to open up / You were someone I thought was careful with me / Instead you left me in pieces / If this ain’t where you wanted to be / You should've at least manned up and just let me be.”

Kiana Ledé never fails to amaze me with her strong vocals paired with her well-crafted beats.

5. Taylor Swift – “Snow On The Beach”

With the recent release of Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnight, I must say “Snow On The Beach” was my favorite song on the album. You can never go wrong with a good Taylor Swift song! According to an Instagram reel posted by Taylor Swift,

“Snow On The Beach the song is about falling in love with someone at the same time as they’re falling in love with you. “In this sort of cataclysmically faded moment where you realize someone feels exactly the same way that you feel, at the same moment.”

Taylor Swift on Instagram

Alongside Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey’s amazing vocals were heard throughout the song. Swift has admitted that she was very excited to feature Lana Del Rey on this song. She’s made it clear that she feels Lana Del Rey is “one of the best musical artists ever.” To that statement, I definitely agree.

As of now, there is no official music video for “Snow On The Beach,” however, there is a lyric video posted on Taylor Swifts YouTube page.

it’s clear MY music taste VARIES; This is why i think yours should too!

As you can tell by the songs I listed, my music taste is quite literally spanning all genres! I find that a wide variety of musical tastes has the ability to lift one’s mood. You could find that putting on some calm and slow classical music as you study helps you concentrate better. Alternatively, if you are feeling down, you could try putting on some music with a more up tempo to cheer yourself up. If you’re going through a difficult moment, you might find it helpful to listen to music or other sounds that complement the way you’re feeling.

In general, if you want to improve your mood, you should listen to music from a variety of genres. I love being able to listen to and enjoy different types of artists and their songs. I encourage everyone to open their minds up and explore genres that you’d never thought you would listen to, there is a high chance you’ll find something you like.

Aside from your mood, I’ve found those with wide music tastes are generally more open minded as individuals. Being able to appreciate art you may not directly relate to but can still find the beauty in I think is really special. This is something you should be very proud of if you explore and enjoy different genres.

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