The Ultimate Late-night Drive Playlist

Every once in a while, your girl just needs to tap into her sad girl playlist and feel all the feels. What makes the perfect sad girl playlist, you ask? It’s a careful mix of tunes that make me miss the feeling of being in love, or easy listening to rest my brain. For me, I find the best results with the combination of the sad girl playlist and a long, late-night drive.

There are millions of us going through many different situations this winter. Some of us have probably found ourselves a cuddle buddy for the cold nights, or someone to keep our hands warm when it’s just a tad too windy. While on the other side, some of us no longer have someone to give those warm hugs and go on a hot chocolate run with late at night. 

In other cases, we just might not be feeling the Holidays this season; the school year might have been tough, or just the entire year in general.

Whatever it is that has got you down, I’ve got a song for that. Check out my playlist below!

To Be So Lonely

An absolute favorite of mine from Mr. Harry Styles himself. The guitar, the soft beats, and his voice are just so fitting for when you just want to relax and cruise down the road. Or maybe you are sitting back thinking about someone and that feeling they used to give you. 

Pilu Membiru

Okay, hear me out. Sometimes I don’t want to think when it comes to music, sometimes I just want to listen to a song and put a situation to it. This was one of those songs, it’s perfect when I am in that loving love mood. It is an Indonesian song about not being with someone you love anymore and wanting to say things you never got to. The movement of this song, Kunto Aji’s voice, and every part of it makes my brain melt, this song is wonderful, and I recommend looking into more of his music. 

Lay Your Head on Me

Acoustics, beautiful vocals, and just hard-hitting lyrics have kept this song in my top 100 for a long while now. The artist, Crush, wrote a song about something we might all need/need to hear. “When you say you’ve given up / I’m thinking about you always / So lay your head on me.” Who wouldn’t love a shoulder to lean on?


Bad Bunny. Yes, even Bad Bunny has some sad songs. This one is softer than most. He sings about missing someone, and while looking at the stars, he thinks about them. Windows down, music blasting, stars out, and just a long, open road ahead of you. I promise that this song will feel like a masterpiece. You’ll only wish it was longer. 


Méne kills it in this song, wanting to be with someone, feeling their warmth, and comparing them to a beautiful blue sky. This gives the same vibes as TRELLAS with less guitar and more of that familiar LoFi beat. 


This 1985 Brazilian love song sneaks its way into my playlist to balance out the softer LoFi beats to make sure I stay awake during my drive. A short guitar break to vibe to with your windows down, and maybe for a daytime cruise over a late-night one. 

She’s In The Rain

Number seven is my last and all-time favorite, “She’s In The Rain” by K-Band, The Rose. This song deserves some recognition. It is the first song I click on, setting the mood for my drive or the rest of my slump. Sometimes it will hit a little too hard, but most times it is exactly what I need. Anyone who has heard this song knows how hard the lines, “It’s better to be held than holding on,” hit when you really need it.

Late-Night Drives (Songs for a Soft Playlist)
Article Name
Late-Night Drives (Songs for a Soft Playlist)
Without explanation sometimes I need to tap into my sad girl playlist and just be in the moment. Some songs that I like to listen to on a long, late-night drive, when I am missing the feeling of being in love, or just when I just need to rest my brain.

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