Mountain Mover Gives Us Warmth with New Single

img_2442A short six months ago, Mic Drop Music had the chance to speak with Mountain Mover during an intimate interview. The band revealed to us some of their short term goals, including releasing new music. They also told us they were in the middle of writing their debut EP, they have just recently announced that it will be titled ‘Dopamine’ and is set to be released July 11th.

Mountain Mover has finally released their highly anticipated single “Sunshine” from their debut EP ‘Dopamine’. The single has been released via Dreambound and it has left many fans eagerly awaiting the full EP. “Sunshine” brings the ambience, passion, and raw emotion that we love about Mountain Mover and they are on a path to cut through the hardcore scene. This new single hits home too many, as it relates us to the darkness we create by blocking the light from our lives. Feeling depression make the decision to stay inside, as we know we are longing for the sunlight while unintentionally trapping oneself in a dark place. The emotion from the song is portrayed to a T in the music video as the band performs with high energy, passion with a hint of melancholy.

The music video for “Sunshine” was beautifully crafted and the color palette chosen ties the visual representation of the vocals together with the irony of the title. I am thrilled for what is to come from Mountain Mover, “Sunshine” has been on repeat since it was released and we are anxiously waiting for the rest of ‘Dopamine’.

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