Midnight Tunes for the Midnight Blues

Summer has officially faded into fall, and it’s time to cue the seasonal moodiness. I’ve put together a collection of tunes to suit this new change of the season, perfectly paired with a midnight moon. These are the tracks you won’t necessarily hear on the radio, they’re mostly album cuts or one off singles, but they’re the songs you play in the car with your friends at night to prove your knowledge of music is superior to theirs. 

Your Best Friend is a Hater – Emotional Oranges 

Emotional Oranges is my new obsession, partly because the R&B duo hasn’t revealed anything about themselves. Going by the names V and A, the L.A. group goes back and forth talking about when someone just needs to stay in their lane and out of your relationship. 

Slide – H.E.R (feat. YG) 

H.E.R is another artist that likes to keep things lowkey regarding her private life, preferring to let her music do the talking, and that’s ok because the music is really good. Her and YG trade lyrics about wanting to just pack up the car and leave a like Bonnie and Clyde. 

Rehab (Winter in Paris) – Brent Faiyaz 

If you love 90s R&B, you’ll love Brent Faiyaz. On Rehab (Winter in Paris), he croons “If you ain’t nasty, don’t at me. I been working all day”. You immediately get a feeling of the vibes Brent is trying to give off (Hint: baby making ones).  

To Me – Alina Baraz 

After a phenomenal extended play last year, I was sad we didn’t get more Alina Baraz besides remixes. Dropping on her birthday (September 24th) To Me hears Alina going on about her love affair with a man that’s clearly no good for her. Hopefully this is a sign that she’s releasing more music soon. 

I Want You Around – Snoh Aalegra 

If you haven’t heard Snoh Aalegra’s album, the amazingly named Ugh, those feels again you’re depriving yourself of elite sad boy music. Snoh makes sure her lover is aware that she wants to feel his presence 24/7, which is rare in 2019.  As the temperature starts to drop you’ll want to make sure you have her music on repeat. 

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