Mask up To Get Down!

If you have booked a concert for the next year, you are no stranger to the constant anxiety spikes that occur when waiting for your show. The worst feeling is when that artist posts any lengthy text on their social media platforms. Like me, you are expecting the dreaded “We are sorry to say….” or “As much as we wanted to go through with these shows….”. Many of us have had our concerts rescheduled 3, maybe 4 times at this point.

However, this year there is something different in the mix. Something that can ease our anxieties even the slightest bit: The vaccine.

Instead of announcing cancellations of shows, artists are announcing a newly instated rule. That each attendee has proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within the last 48 hours for entry. Most of the time this is alongside a strict mask policy for the staff and concert-goers while in the venue.

This is the best possible scenario for most of us, the ones who are taking the correct COVID precautions. It even takes away some of the worries that came along with going to a concert, knowing our chances of getting COVID are incredibly slim. The issue is that this has upset many people who weren’t prepared for this sudden demand. 

I feel this compromise was the next best these artists could do, besides completely canceling these tours. The COVID spikes, and delta variant, have been plaguing artists and fans for over a year. Taking away the best part of making music, live concerts. I didn’t realize how much I was missing them until I went to Lollapalooza last month. Now I’m an inch short of ravenous for more.

These new policies have proven to work. Lollapalooza had this strict vaccination and mask mandate and we all still had a fantastic time.

Some artists that have already begun this rule are: The Wallows, Harry Styles, Eric Clapton, and so many more.

As annoying as it may be to go out of your way to get COVID tested, or simply ensure that you have your vaccination records on hand by the day of. This is the best-case scenario right now, it even takes away some of the pre-concert stress in COVID times. Artists and venues are making the right call. I can’t wait to be back at live shows with a cute mask to top off my concert looks!

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