Lofi Girl Introduces SynthWave Boy

Lofi Girl Makes a New Friend!

The 24/7 Lofi Girl stream has introduced a new study buddy with all new music! The Lofi Girl YouTube channel revealed a bit of lore when fans noticed a tiny blue light in the city background. Then on April 7, 2023, Synthwave Boy made his debut. Many were shocked and excited about the new edition to the Lofi scene and this change could introduce a lesser-known genre to potential listeners.

“Lofi Girl Finally has her Sytnhwave Boy!”

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What is Lofi?

The word “Lofi” stands for Low-fidelity. The music itself is a mix of downtempo beats and sampling. Many fans credit Japanese artist Nujabes for its creation and popularity. The genre has become very popular in the last few years. There are several Lofi livestreams on YouTube that viewers tune in to for background music. It also serves as a great option for students because it helps the brain relax and focus.

In 2017, the infamous Lofi Girl was created along with the Lofi Girl YouTube channel formerly known as Chilled Cow. The Lofi Girl livestream often has at least 40K to 50K listeners at a time and became popular because it gave listeners a sense of ‘company’ while studying or working. At one point, online artist began making their own versions of this character and she was even reference in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe Future. The Lofi Girl channel is responsible for posting the longest video on YouTube with a 13,000-hour livestream.

Lofi Girl Vs SynthWave Boy

Lofi Girl has clearly made waves on YouTube. But what does Synthwave Boy bring to the table?

Only six days after his launch, Synthwave Boy is already seeing at least 20K to 30K listeners at a time. There are noticeable differences in Lofi Girl’s livestream and Synthwave Boy’s livestream. The Lofi genre’s primary goal is to relax the listener with consistent beats and unchanging melodies. Therefore, the music is slower and more soothing. Additionally, the looped Lofi Girl animation features soft yellow lamp light at night and natural sunlight during the day. The colors in her room are a mixture of dark and neutral with nothing catching too much attention. Synthwave is inspired by retro 1980s sci-fi films. Thus, is is very upbeat. While the atmosphere maintains its relaxed state, the music is meant to keep you awake. Synthwave boy’s design is much brighter as his room is filled with bright neon blues and purples.

The Future of Lo-Fi?

Synthwave Boy is a great edition to the Lofi Girl channel. While there are some synthwave playlists that already exist on YouTube, this new livestream will help in popularizing a lesser-known genre. No matter how you study or relax, you will have two extra companions to help you unwind or work by your side!

Here at Mic Drop Music, we want to know your thoughts! Do you prefer the classic Lofi Girl or the new Synthwave Boy? Let us know in the comments below!

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