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From the moment we cried through “For Emma,” we knew Bon Iver was something special. His latest and unexpected installment, “I,i” confirms Justin Vernon will remain our folk king. The newly released album is an ode to fall. A reminder that some things come to an end for new ones to begin.    


The second (and probably my favorite) track of the album, hits me right in my hopeless romantic heart. Hints of self-discovery and his homage to synthesizers, Justin Vernon hides beautifully sad lyrics like, “Living in a lonesome way, had me looking other ways” and “I like you and that ain’t nothing new.” It is always my favorite adventure to find gems like this one.


He has always reminded me of classic 80’s Depeche Mode or Yaz in the sense he is never afraid to embrace the weird while always being a sentimentalist.     

“U (man like)”    

Working through the album, “U (man like)” would be considered our new national anthem, if it were up to me. With powerful words, “How much caring is there of some American love,” and the feature of the Brooklyn Youth Choir, He decides to face the social issues we have going on in our country in his work. Reminding us there is always work to be done and we should never forget to do our part. Whether that be calling your senators about border control or working on reducing your carbon footprint, this song should probably be on the playlist to get you hype.  


I adore the spiritual side of this song. Coming from a home with a big influence on religion, I too have struggled with my faith. It seems that Justin has comes to terms with his and I’m here for it. “I should’ve known that I shouldn’t hide to compromise and covet all what’s inside.” Feeling open enough in your faith to share with people is a big step for most and no matter your views, this song speaks volumes for those looking for a God or just the right way in life.    



I spit my coffee out when reading the meaning behind this title. Shittiest day in American history aka the day Donald Trump was elected president. While the meaning is obvious that we need to be rational in these times, I can’t help but fall in love with a smooth saxophone solo and feel at peace. I’m grounded in a sense that all will be okay in the end if we keep fighting the fight. 

Overall, this album reflects how much Justin has grown in both his musical and personal journey. From relationships to anxiety attacks, we have all been there and his music has always made me feel it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Go back and listen through Bon Iver’s discography and see how much we have grown together over the years. You won’t regret it and will definitely shed a few tears. 


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