Kentucky Born and Bred For Stardom | Jack Harlow

Gracing the stage at the world’s biggest music festivals such from Rolling Loud to Bonnaroo to South by Southwest, Jack Harlow is making a name for himself. The Kentucky born rapper who hails from Louisville is steadily climbing his way from the country to the top.

Harlow’s rap career began when he was only 12 years old, and he continues to write and develop his own songs. Harlow is what some may call a “SoundCloud Rapper”, but in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Selling his first mixtape to his peers in middle school led to him recording with chart-topping artists. On his latest album Confetti, he has a song with Bryson Tiller called “THRU THE NIGHT”. The two Louisville natives represent their city to the highest extent.

Bryson Tiller is not the only big name he has worked with. One of my favorite songs he’s released is features K CAMP (“PICKYOURPHONEUP”).

While Jack Harlow’s genre of choice is mainly hip-hop, he did open for Portugal. The Man in May of 2018. 

There are many aspects of Harlow that one can admire, but one that really stands out is his hard work. If you follow Jack Harlow on Instagram (@jackharlow), you can see all of the effort he puts into his craft. He’s always spotted in the studio working on his next project. Harlow is an inspiration, showing us that we need to continue to chase our dreams no matter the obstacles that come our way. Throughout all the years he never gave up on his vision, and his perseverance is rewarded with success.

Following Jack Harlow for some time now, I’ve learned a lot from his social media. First, he loves Louisville and he loves his friends. He always makes sure to credit his friends that help him with projects, as well as show endless love to his hometown. Even from his music videos, you can tell that he’s just a dude chasing his dreams and enjoying his time with his homies – just like the rest of us. His squad runs DEEP. He creates with his friends that he’s grown up with. They all provide something valuable to the vision and that is evident. Working together as long as they have, they decided to create their own record label and music collective called Private Gardens. 

I think that’s what I love about Jack Harlow the most. He’s humble, not too flashy, loyal to his friends and hometown, and he truly just seems like a normal person. He also makes it a point to keep in contact with his fans. He goes on Instagram every Wednesday and answers 10 or so questions that fans ask him about himself. There’s a label that he created for himself and it’s “Missionary Jack”. People can get pretty raunchy when they ask him questions on Instagram, and one person asked him what his favorite sex position was. He said it was “Missionary” and his nickname amongst his friends is “Missionary Jack”. Whether these are strategies to grow his fan base or real-life evidence on how Jack really is, he has captured his audience and we are ready for more. If you need a vibe to drive to or music to listen to when you’re with your closest friends, I recommend checking out his songs. His lyrics even talk about the memories he’s shared with them, and it makes you feel like you’re part of the squad too. 

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