How Justin Beiber Stayed Consistent Through The Changes

After years of radio silence, Justin Bieber is back with a vengeance. The Canadian born pop star is back on the scene with the release of his latest album Changes. The title speaks for itself, as Bieber takes listeners on a journey of his own personal growth through song. With so much time in between projects, it made many Beliebers wonder if it would be worth the wait.

It has been four long years since Bieber’s last album release, Purpose. As a fan of his last album, which I believe is exceptionally crafted, I had high expectations for Changes. Justin not only met, but exceeded them. His latest includes features by big names such as Travis Scott, Kehlani, Post Malone, Clever, Lil Dicky, Quavo, and Summer Walker. Each song allows Bieber’s voice to take the spotlight, regardless of the catchy tunes or soft R&B beats.

Growing up in the spotlight, Justin has received plenty of backlash over the years. The critics attacked everything from growing into his mature voice, past relationships, even tattoos. Yet, he has somehow prevailed through the negativity.

Remaining consistent and trusting in his abilities, Justin Bieber is climbing his way back to the top as the top pop and R&B artist. One thing I have considered whilst listening to the album cover to cover is the fact that since he is now married, every song formulated from now on is made with his wife, Hailey Bieber, in mind – if that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is. In addition, this album was released on Valentine’s Day, so we can safely assume that each song was dedicated to his beautiful spouse on the day dedicated to love.

I have been a “Belieber” since Justin Bieber’s “Baby” days. I subscribed to his YouTube channel back when his username was Kidrauhl. That being said, once a Belieber, always a Belieber.

Not only does Justin bless his fans with his voice, but he also does his best to give back. In the video linked below, Bieber is fundraising money for Alexandria House’s mission to provide aid for women and children during their transition from crisis to stability. This initiative is called the INTENTIONS fund.

While my love for Justin Bieber is endless, there are a handful of songs on the Changes album that I particularly can’t get enough of. For instance, “Intentions”, “Come Around Me”, and “All Around Me”. Since 2009 Justin Bieber has been sweeping young girls off of their feet with his voice, and 10+ years later, not much has changed. Despite the title of this album, Justin Bieber remains consistent and outstanding per usual.

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