Just Like Heaven Released A Line Up That Will Fulfill All Your Middle School Dreams

Passion Pit, MGMT, and Phoenix… all on the same day… in 2019?!

Millennials everywhere we’re sent into a fit of nostalgia after Goldenvoice released this early 2000’s MP3 playlist come to life. If the line up looks familiar to you, that’s because it is. Most of these indie rock legends took the stage at Coachella back in 2013, and fans we’re left yearning for more ever since.

After sweeping the Sahara stage six years ago, Coachella organizers we’re somehow able to pull off reuniting these bands, in an attempt to recreate that same contagiously fun energy from years ago. While the line up is enough to bring you to your knees, probably my favorite part, is that it’s all in one day. No need to get a hotel or request off work, just get in the car and go have a good time. This easy breezy vibe is so cohesive with the artists on stage and is sure to be a stress free one day getaway. All of these powerhouse bands back to back to back will be sure to send you in a Saturday sensory overload.


And where better to listen to Beach House then, well… the beach! The Long Beach location is the perfect spot to attract festival goers from all over SoCal. The growing neighborhood on the south side is sure to attract Angelenos from every corner of the city. Known for it’s rap and reggae scene, this is the first indie rock festival of it’s kind in the area. But with a line up like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if this first year festival became a cultural staple.

If you weren’t sold by the killer line up, the convenience of a one day festival, or the dreamy beach location, the price is sure to blow your mind. All of these bands will only run you $99 for GA and $225 for VIP. Coachella who!?

Tickets went on sale this morning 2/8, and you can purchase them here. For now, I’ll be daydreaming that is 2007, listening to Sleepyhead and Electric Feel on repeat.

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