We all know about the Joshua Bassett – Sabrina Carpenter – Olivia Rodrigo love triangle. But by now it seems like that drama is over. Bassett and Carpenter seem to not be an item anymore. Rodrigo moved on to her new boy toy and film producer Adam Faze. So why is Joshua bringing all this stuff back up?

We got songs from Rodrigo and Carpenter, seemingly responding to each other’s songs and disses. But we never got anything from Bassett.

He took a month-long hiatus until he came back, posting three white screens, with different texts on each.

Well, the cryptic posts alluded to him brewing up an EP. You’d think it’s too late and far gone for him to speak on the matter, but to Joshua, it wasn’t too late. “I finally found the courage to speak up for myself,” Bassett says in an interview with GQ. “I’m glad it’s taken this long.”

Contrary to popular belief, the EP isn’t only about the Rodrigo drama. Along with the drama came online hate, leading him to fight some internal battles. After Rodrigo released “driver’s license”, Bassett was also dropping a single a week after. Coincidentally, he ended up in the hospital on that release date. Fans speculate it may have to do with the stress caused by online hate. He was also struggling with his sexuality as he came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community a few months later.

Despite what he says, the hate is coming back with the release of these songs. From people picking sides, to picking apart his lyrics. But Joshua says he is a “different person now” and just needed an outlet.

Is this all part of the big publicity stunt or is he being genuine? 

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