‘Jesus is King’ and What We Want From It

In just a weeks time we should have a new Kanye West album on our hands, I say should because who really knows with Kanye. At this point, I assume none of the songs are even done yet, but hey, who am I to decide how a genius works.

He’s 42, a father of four, and from the looks of it running the best church this side of Mulholland drive. His last album Ye is one of his worst, it’s not cohesive, and feels like something made in a manic rushed state. The few songs that work are really buried under the others. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected with any Kanye album, but here a few things I’d love to see from Jesus Is King.



If Kanye’s Sunday Services are any indication of how the album is going to sound, we might be alright. Kanye has always had religion rooted in his music, but the way he is taking the large church choir and using it to bring big booming sound behind the songs is masterful, while Kanye has been lyrically declining, arrangement wise he’s still on the top of his game.




Out of the music Kanye has released the past few years almost every collaboration with Ty is incredible, we got ‘Fade’, ‘Real Friends’, and ‘Ghost Town’. Ty Dolla needs to be all over this album, I need him giving me big hooks and even bigger vocals to carry us home.




Last year Kanye reminded us all that he is still one of the greatest living producers on Earth, with 5 albums in 5 weeks all produced by Ye the flex was seen. He had classic samples, big flips, and it amounted to some very cohesive and strong albums (aside from Ye). Kanye needs to be behind the boards giving us flips like ‘I Wonder”.




I couldn’t tell you exactly what Rick Rubin does, he’s more of an enigma than a human being, but that big bearded, flip flop wearing man needs to be there for this album.  Mike Dean’s big joint smoking and big record producing skills need to be involved as well. Between the two of them they have had a hand in every Kanye album since Graduation.



Kanye isn’t in his 20’s anymore, I don’t want to hear about bleached assholes and it getting on his t-shirt. Kanye is a father, a husband, and I’d like to hear him be a little more down to earth in a sense. I know that seems like a big request but give us more songs like ‘Violent Crimes’ and give me more ‘No More Parties in L.A.’. I don’t need anymore ‘All Mine’ or ‘freestyle 4’, Kanye obviously is going to do what Kanye wants, but a man can dream.


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