Jamming Our Way Through Hurricane Dorian

Every year as summer comes to a close we see artists releasing music for the fall season. From hip-hop to country, the talent seems to flow into the second half of every year. This year the hurricane season has seemed to spark interest in the minds of the youth, using the break from school to listen to that new song.

Category Five Hurricane Dorian has everyone questioning the next move, and left myself searching for that new album to occupy the next week of hunkering down. The unpredictable storm has brought out the worst and best in those preparing for that moment sitting in their room with no electricity jamming to some tunes.

Artists such as Bon Iver, Rick Ross, and Lana Del Ray have been a of the few this month’s stand out releases. Rising star of hip-hop, Trippie Redd released his iconic album “!” talking much about the problems the youth face today such as depression and the search for that happy life. Translating all of this new music to dealing with Hurricane Dorian really helps with overcoming those moments of silence- all you need is a speaker filled with Trippie Redd.

As of now, we must pray that coastal areas such as the Bahamas and South Florida avoid the storm. Music is a great way to make someone feel more optimistic about situations, so send a friend a song or two, maybe they’ll be a little bit more prepared for this hurricane then they were before.

You can find Trippie Redd’s album on all streaming platforms. Click the link to listen to “!”

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