It’s Not Philosophy, It’s Not Rationale, It’s Logic: YSIV

Last Friday, Robert Bryson Hall II, also known as, Logic released his fourth studio album, and his second album of 2018 “Young Sinatra IV.”

The fourteen song album channels old Logic: he brings back the “boom bap” beats to which the flow he spits over is unparalleled.  Logic can rap over any beat, whether its an old song he’s putting new rhymes over, or a new creation that hits us harder than the last; no matter who’s beat it is, he does it bigger, better, and raps faster than most anyone else.

“The Return” gives us an inside into the mentality of the 28 year old Maryland native, where he tells he’s “heartless like Kanye in ’08,” which one can only speculate has something to do with his recent split with soon-to-be ex-wife Jessica Andrea (p.s. holla at me, Bobby, I’m single.) He also gives a shoutout to Jay-Z in the same song, essentially asking him to collab, and ending the track with “the balls in your court HOV, I hope to hear from Guru.”  Like a song of YSIV, Logic is nothing less than “Legendary,” as would be a song where both Bobby and Jay-Z spit.

“Wu Tang Forever” brings in an old school Wu Tang beat, taking it way back and bringing the heat with a feature from Ghostface Killah.  He tells us the “boom bap’s back harder than ever,” and he’s not wrong.  Wu Tang might have become a phenomena before I was even out of the womb, but this track brings me back to the revolutionary rap 90’s.

The album continues with a funky “100 Miles and Running.”  Logic takes us back again with groovy vocals and and fast paced rhymes that similars his track “Confess,” off 2017 album “Everybody.” He isn’t lying when he reminds us he’s “Got the whole wide world in the palm of my hand.” He’s back, and he’s better than ever.

The rap star is no stranger to a tough life; he’s been known to have struggled with anxiety since before his career took off, and has only recently begun to smoke weed again, a topic which he discusses in “The Adventures of Stoney Bob.”  He explains how he  went back and forth with the idea of picking up smoking again, and later lets us know the verdict by telling us he got his “green belt.” Well played, Bobby.

I simply cannot end this piece without mentioning the title track “YSIV.” He shouts out to the late Mac Miller while spitting over a sample of Nas and AZ’s ‘Life’s a Bitch.”  I mean, are you kidding me? Mac’s death had me pulling the car over in tears just last week when a song of his came on shuffle.  I’m not sure that ‘ll ever get over that, but in the meantime, Logic’s double shoutout to Mac, moreover his dedication track, puts me in my feels every time.  Yet, he does it with such respect that no matter how eerie it may be, YSIV has earned its spot as my favorite track on the album.

He ends the album by again channeling his inner Kanye with “Last Call.” The “YSIV” album pays tribute to a lot of other rappers and rap groups, and this track brings it full circle by paying tribute to everyone that got Logic to where he is today.

He’s done it again, people.  If you haven’t given Young Sinatra IV a listen yet, shame on you.  Get after it, here.

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