Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?

A wise Patrick Star once begged the essential question, “is mayonnaise was an instrument?” While Squidward may have said no, this post is for all the instruments out there.

Whether you’re a traditional music maker on the sax or the drums, or a jar of used-to-be slimy, gelatinous animal by-product, instruments really get me going.

Available here on my spotify, “Is Mayonnaise an Instrument” is a playlist dedicated to the instrumentals. Most of these songs do in fact have lyrics; however, they’ve been added, in addition to a handful of those sans lyrics, because of their musical value outside of words.



“Tequila Mockingbird” by Sunsquabi is a necessary addition for its saxophone feature from Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic. You can feel the soul in every note he plays on this track, as well as those that coincide perfectly with the beats Griz drops on his song “Mr. B.”

The list continues with soft piano notes of Odesza’s “I Play You Listen” and the pitter patter of drums in their “Corners of the Earth.” The simplicity is there in both songs, yet the depth they reach just with their instruments is truly astounding.

I dont know how the members of Spafford move their fingers as fast as the do on the guitar near minute five on “The Reprise,” but it’s ability to give me goose bumps earned them a place on this playlist nonetheless.

It wouldn’t quite be a playlist of mine without some Phish features: the intro of “Horn” gets me every time, as does the lyric-less, “2001,” in which each member brings the funk with their instrument in expertise. I’m lucky enough to have gotten two performances of the “Tweezer Reprise,” for which every note they play is worth the glow sticks smacking you in the face. Lastly for Phish, a dirty “Carini,” stirs up something inside me that I can’t ever seem to find the words to explain.

We all know I’m a sucker for a good mashup, and Umphreys McGee makes me real emotional with “Bittersweet Haj.” If I ever get to see that live, tears will be shed admiring its beauty.

Give “Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?” a shot up on spotify now! Let the instruments, not the vocalists, speak to you this time.

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