Is EARTHGANG the New Outkast?

            EARTHGANG is an American hip-hop music group created by Olu (Johnny Venus) and WowGr8 (Doctur Dot). Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the duo provides funky southern beats and culturally deliberate lyricism to the hip-hop world. The first time I listened to EARTHGANG I immediately got Outkast vibes. You can hear that distinct ATL twang in each composition. The Hampton University graduates met in high school before they began working on music together. From 2008 to present, they have shown exponential improvement and have finally released their debut album with Dreamville Records called, MIRRORLAND.

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J.Cole and Ibrahim Hamad are the founders of Dreamville Records. If you’ve never heard of EARTHGANG before, now is the time to listen up. Just before the release of this album, J.Cole featured the duo on Revenge of the Dreamers III this past July. You can find EARTHGANG featured on, “Down Bad”, “Wells Fargo”, “1993”, “Sacrifices”, and “Swivel” (which can be found on MIRRORLAND). J.Cole, who is widely known as a lyrical genius, has found the perfect prodigies in EARTHGANG.

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Not only do EARTHGANG’s beats bop, but they tell you a story with each song. I think featuring them on Revenge of the Dreamers III was nothing short of perfection, considering many of the duo’s lyrics tell stories about their ATL life and dreams growing up. The album also features a few hip-hop favorites such as Young Thug, Kehlani, T-Pain, Arin Ray, and Malik.

One of the best songs, in my opinion, is “Blue Moon”. In the chorus Doctur Dot says, “I been hustlin’, I don’t get no rest, once in a blue moon.” This line in the chorus encompasses the epitome of what EARTHGANG is all about. A couple of hardworking young men who are trying to reach their dreams. Effortlessly immersed into J.Cole’s concept of dreamers, EARTHGANG reminds us all to chase our dreams no matter where we come from, or what our circumstances may be. Hard work and consistency are the keys to success.

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I highly recommend taking the chance to listen to EARTHGANG.They’re a couple of cool dudes based out of Atlanta with funky personalities and eccentric fashion sense. They make music that makes you wanna dance, but also reflect on your roots. EARTHGANG is still rising in the hip-hop community, but I see plenty of potential for success in the future. They are currently touring overseas, but they will return in America soon. Open your ears to their tunes, you won’t be disappointed.

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