IGOR Brings Tyler to Tampa

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Tyler, the Creator perform at his Tampa stop on the IGOR tour. I’ve loved Tyler, the Creator for as long as I can remember. I’ll never forget the Loiter Squad and Odd Future days, but his new rebirth with IGOR was something to experience.

If you don’t know who Tyler, the Creator is, he is a Los Angeles based rapper, with an unconventional rise to fame. His career began with a bunch of his friends in a group called Odd Future. Odd Future originally began with Tyler, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Casey Veggies, Matt Martians, Pyramid Vritra, Jasper Dolphin, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, and Syd tha Kyd. It was a big, wild group that seemed to be the best of friends. Their natural energy and chemistry together resulted in a skit show that aired on Adult Swim called Loiter Squad. I would tune in to Loiter Squad before I went to sleep every night and would stay up way too late laughing. Odd Future is what you would imagine you and your friends to be if you created a rap group with them.

With Odd Future on the rise, Tyler grew in popularity and became a standout of the group. Unfortunately, as time proceeded, the group split up and the artists went their separate ways to pursue their individual careers. That being said, IGOR is produced solely by Tyler, and it is a completely new style of music coming from him. In a sense, it is kind of like Tyler’s debut album as a solo artist. Knowing all that went into the creation of this album, I could not wait to see Tyler perform live. He perhaps was just as excited as the fans in the crowd.

Tyler made sure to bring some of the best on tour with him. Blood Orange, Goldlink, and Jaden Smith served as his openers. A personal pet peeve of mine when at a show is waiting forever on a headliner. To kill the time, some artists will have up and comers opening for them and usually I’m never really familiar. However, I absolutely loved all three openers. I have listened to all of them multiple times before and thoroughly enjoy all of their music. I think they were the perfect choice to open for Tyler, because they really got the crowd hype.

Jaden was the last opener to perform and before I knew it, Tyler was on stage. I started to ponder the setlist and got worried.. wondering how many of his old songs he would sing. With his tumultuous history with Odd Future, I wasn’t very confident that I’d hear some of his classics. To my absolute surprise, Tyler came out there and gave us all what we wanted. He sang so many of his old bops – I couldn’t help myself from screaming at the top of my lungs (I lost my voice after). My favorites numbers were “See You Again”, “Boredom”, “Who Dat Boy”, “911 / Mr. Lonely”, and “Tamale”. I nearly cried when I heard “See You Again”. If Kali Uchis popped out from backstage, I would’ve definitely lost it.

Tyler is also just as funny as he was in Loiter Squad in real life. He talks to his audience like we’re his actual friends. I felt like I was one of his best friends in the crowd. He encouraged the mosh pits and pranced around stage in his IGOR get-up like a pro.

Even without Kali Uchis there, the concert was worth every ounce of my time, money, energy, and voice. It was one of the best shows I had ever seen and I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to go. Tyler chose the perfect openers, and just the right number of throwbacks. He did sing a lot of his old songs, but he made sure to perform IGOR simultaneously. Balance is key! Now the question is, would I go see Tyler again if he performed in Tampa? 100%.

IGOR by Tyler, the Creator
Yuengling Center, 12499 USF Bull Run Drive,Tampa,FL-33617
Starting on
September 28, 2019
Ending on
September 28, 2019
IGOR by Tyler, the Creator, opening with Blood Orange, Gold Link, and Jaden.

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