It’s been way too long since I’ve written an article for this series – and I felt like there was no better time to bring it back than now. This time, we are diving into the music world of Jack Harlow. If you’re familiar with my work, you know I’m a big Jack Harlow girl. I mention him every chance that I get. Now that he’s broadened his discography, it’s time to give him a spot in this series. To start my search for songs with similar Jack Harlow vibes, I had to conjure up the criteria that the songs needed.

Of course, I think of artists that Jack associates with, like Drake and Bryson Tiller. But I also want to focus on the vibes of the songs that I pick. Some common themes in Jack’s work are relationships, celebrating his current success, and reminiscing on his life before fame. He has this confident edge to his music. He flexes, but he’s humble about it. He knows he deserves the fame he’s gotten because he’s worked hard for years.

He’s definitely not afraid to test different types of beats. With recent tracks like “INDUSTRY BABY” and “Nail Tech” incorporating trumpets into his beats. He’s can make any word sound cool. Even in “First Class” when he says that word. Only he could pull that off fitting that into a song.

I know Jack Harlow just dropped an album, but I understand that it gets annoying listening to the same songs on repeat. Here are a few songs that will refresh your musical palette. 

“Somethin Tells Me” by Bryson Tiller

If you’re an avid Jack Harlow fan, you understand why I had to add Bryson Tiller to this list. Picking just one Tiller song was incredibly difficult. They’re both from Louisville, Kentucky, and share the same passion for their hometown by dedicating songs to it. But I feel like this song goes best with Harlow’s vibe. Tiller and Harlow both have this confidence expressed in their songs that is appealing to their female audience. They make songs that make the girls crawl back for more. If you don’t already listen to Bryson Tiller, I highly suggest you do.

“bad Intentions” by Niykee Heaton and Migos

This song by Niykee Heaton featuring Migos definitely sounds like a track Harlow would be part of. It’s clear that Jack isn’t exactly the relationship type. He relishes his flings in his new celebrity status. But that doesn’t mean he can’t write a good sexy song. You see videos of Harlow flirting with fans in the crowd at almost every show. This song has the sensual voice of Niykee Heaton and the rap verses from Migos – it really has it all. It reminds me of “Luv is Dro” and “Poison” featuring Lil Wayne.

“Come and See Me” by PARTYNEXTDOOR featuring Drake 

PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake talk about their flings and how they’re asking for too much from their life as an artist. The girl was just a booty call but she wants more than PND and Drake are willing to give them. This reminds me of Jack’s song “I’d Do Anything To Make You Smile”, which is about his “main” girl that he has to keep a secret for now.

“lA Confidential” by Tory Lanez

Jack isn’t afraid to flaunt his love life with his fans. Honestly, it’s something he’s known for. This song would absolutely be part of Harlow’s discography if it wasn’t. This song is all about having a girlfriend at home and having a side chick in a different city. Lanez is talking to his side chick the whole time, saying he wishes that they could be a couple but he can’t because he has someone else at home. This song reminded me of Jack Harlow because of his track off his new album called “Side Piece” – which pretty much speaks for itself.

“Love Yourz” by J Cole

Jack Harlow’s most recent drop, he’s been compared to some of the best rappers of all time, including J Cole. The comparison between them both is their storytelling. They transport you into that story as if you’re sitting there with them. Songs like “Funny Seeing You Here” and “State Fair”. Both songs just look back on how far each artist has come and appreciate what they have. 

Even with all these different artists and their styles of music, none of them can really compare to Jack’s individual style. But these artists will hold you over until Jack drops some new stuff, which we don’t know when that will be. I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I do.

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