I Have Given Up On Making Playlists

I simply do not understand; how are all my friends and family so skilled at creating music playlists? They have their music library completely organized with dozens of themed playlists for any situation. Sometimes, my friends will go the extra mile and add a description so they can share their masterpiece online. Each perfectly curated collection of music executes the exact vibe they had envisioned when creating it. It’s a gift, a gift that I apparently do not have.

Since I signed up with Spotify back in 2014, I have tried countless of times to create the perfect playlist. Out of those attempts, I only have one collection that I can confidently say I am proud of. The playlist is called “Gabe’s Grooves” and it consists of mainly 80s and 90s hip-hop and R&B. I always play it in the car with my parents or at our family functions. That’s because all of the music in that mix was introduced to me from the adults in my life. This playlist is my one trick pony. Honestly, I do not think I will ever be able to create anything like it ever again.

The Famous “Gabe’s Grooves” Playlist

Spotify Spoils Me

As previously mentioned, I am an avid Spotify user. What I love most about this platform, compared to other streaming services, is their personalized playlists. For users who listen to many broad or popular genres, Spotify beautifully organizes them into multiple daily mixes. These playlists consist of familiar songs that I already love from my favorite artists, but Spotify also throws in new artists that the algorithm sorts to best fit my taste. It’s amazing!

I am no longer obligated to throw all of my current favorite music into my own playlists. Spotify does it all for me! If there are ever songs that I fall in love with, I simply like the song. That way I can find it in my liked music list. If I listen to a song enough times, it will automatically appear in my “On Repeat” playlist. This way the song will always be in my music rotation. I understand this process seems a bit messy and lazy, but it’s simple and fun! I have not found the need to create my own playlists now that the app knows my taste, even better than I do.

Stealing From Social Media

TikTok and YouTube play into why I no longer yearn to make my own playlists. Connecting to millions of strangers online means that I am exposed to all of the different mixes and playlists that they have created themselves. I love looking at other people’s music collections and seeing where my taste differs from theirs. It expands my circle while also introducing me to potential new favorite artists. I specifically love the playlists with super detailed and satisfying titles. It makes it fun to listen to other users playlists when you see them create scenarios and craft perfect mixes that go along with them.


Add these to your getting ready/pregame playlist for the weekend… you’re welcome 🪩🪩 #playlists #pregame #aesthetic #tylerthecreator #weekendvibes

♬ Benny and Chiquitita – reymifasol
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I also have no shame when it comes to asking my friends for their playlists. It’s like a love language for some people to create mixes for others. Most of the time I will just steal whatever playlist my friends already make. For instance, my friend has an insane jersey club playlist that I use for when I work out. We used to listen to it in the car all the time in the summer. It’s how I think of her when I am away for school. If I weren’t so horrible at making my own playlists, I definitely would want to make a couple mixes for my friends.

The best jersey club playlist for the summer!

Who knows, maybe I’ll come around and try again at making my own playlists. As of right now, I am enjoying hearing what everyone else is listening to. Do you have a special playlist that you want to share? Feel free to comment the link below so I can give it a listen!

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