Hulaween Artist Spotlight | Break Science

Deep into the forests of northern Florida, festival goers gather for the funkiest event of the fall. The Spirit of Suwanee Music Park hosts it’s annual Hulaween Festival, putting on arguably the best Halloween party in the state. Each year the line up boasts an impressive collection of artists to jam within the magical Oak trees. I’d like to shine a special light on one artist, in particular, that has me more stoked than ever to experience their sound in one of their favorite venues, it is the always timeless and lovely, Break Science.  

I recently got to see the duo in Ybor City’s, The Orpheum and boy, did they bring the funk I needed. They have the smoothest transitions you can flow through, and their energy is so in sync. You can tell they’ve been playing with each other for many years now. It is that chemistry that has me so ready to finally see Break Science Live Band at Suwanee. The Break Science Live Band is some of the members from Lettuce giving us a full band experience in their own special and spooky way. I’m expecting lots of sexy saxophone with that old school hip hop that everyone loves to rock with.   

Both Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee come from an eclectic background reaching to hip hop, New Orleans Jazz and new age electronic scenes. Deitch grew up in a home of drummers and musicians so it is no surprise he has flourished the way he has in the electronic scene, while bringing a whole new meaning to the way we can define “funk” today. Creating Lettuce back in 1992 Boston with a couple of buddies who are still apart of his journey, Deitch is the kind of guy who can jam anytime any place. He is true to his music and has a very precise ear when it comes to what feels right. In recent years, Deitch has featured classic Jazz guitarist John Scofield in his other band, The Adam Deitch Quartet. Scofield is a legend in the jazz scene and someone you need to watch some NPR interviews on if you dig the funk. It is safe to say I am always ready for what Deitch brings to the stage.  

The real key to the band here is Borahm Lee. Keyboardist for Pretty Lights live band and all-around badass on the keys. Born in the heart of the Bronx, Lee has always kept himself busy immersing himself in all kinds of musical projects. From being a part of The Fugee’s ensemble, getting fired by Kanye West, to collaborating with the Disco Biscuits. Lee holds no limits when it comes to being a part of a certain scene and that is what I love about his pianist skills. He can play classic jazz but can also use synths to distort to that beautiful post-party bops Pretty Lights gives us.   

This duo and friends are sure to put on a set you don’t want to miss. This isn’t there first time at Suwannee and surely won’t be there last!

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