How Kat Hall Saved Reggae in Tallahassee

During her four years at Florida State University, Kat Hall has won the hearts of many. She writes and performs a fusion of reggae and R&B music as the frontwoman of Just Chameleons and the Kat Hall Band. Kat prefers to be surrounded by a collection of other talented and musically driven individuals. Having just graduated from the School of Entrepreneurship this past weekend, she’s moving on to a new chapter in her music career and leaving Tallahassee behind for Los Angeles. We got the opportunity to meet Kat along with Monica Marino and Jake Dane of the Kat Hall Band last month to bring you this short documentary on her time making music in Tallahassee.

The Kat Hall Band goes on tour one last time this summer before Kat, Monica, and Jake go their separate ways to pursue music in the post-grad world. Check out their tour schedule here and catch them live while you can!

Good luck Kat! We can’t wait to watch you change the world!

Video by: Max Rykov and Jean Paul Chovet | Interviews by: Ishmael Fernandez

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